Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays

We'll be having lunch at the new craft beer joint in the neighbourhood this afternoon. Tomorrow night we'll be having dinner there with David and Sarah, before heading down the street for a karaoke get-together. Then we'll stop off at Mary-Ellen's annual shindig just to say hi. Our buddy Alan will be here for Christmas Eve soup, as usual, and Christmas day dinner will be spent with David and Sarah and Sarah's parents. Gonna be a busy week, but I'll coming home to my sweet little cat every night.

Just kidding. Alan and Richard had a falling-out over whether or not Omar Khadr's lawyer deserves an award, and our friendship of 13 years is over. I will not be speaking to him or seeing him ever again, I suppose.
David and Sarah did not respond to our dinner invitation. We have not been invited for Christmas dinner.
There will be no karaoke. Richard doesn't trust the host.
I lied to Mary-Ellen and told her I can't make it, as I do every year, because she only invites me. I certainly would never ask Richard to drop me off at a party to which he hasn't been invited, or take a cab to a party while he sits home alone.
There is no cat. Maybe in the new year.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I really hope that the holidays get better for you. I am sure you are having an especially hard time this year. I'm thinking of you, kiddo.