Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bunny vs. Kitten


Karen said...

That's pretty tame - glad they get along. My own cat/bunny experience? When we were kids, my cat decided to exert his power in the neighbourhood by taunting the bunny across the road from us who was kept (usually) in a cage. One day, the cat didn't do any reconnaisance work first and failed to realize the bunny was on the lawn instead. I heard a horrific meoooooow, then saw a giant orange and white ball tear off at supersonic speed down the road followed closely by a rapidly accelerating ball of greyish rabbit fur. The cat survived but barely. He did NOT visit the caged rabbit again.

SME said...

That. Is hilarious. Poor cat!
Until getting Sophie, I thought bunnies were these timid, retiring little critters that cowered under lettuce leaves. Ha! They don't take any guff.
If Richard teases Sophie, then lowers his head to the ground, she smacks the top of his head with both front paws.

tweetey30 said...

Its like bad Richard for teasing me. LOL... Yes that was cute for some reason watching the bunny and kitty play in the video.