Monday, August 27, 2007


Alex Constantine asked me: "Haven't I defamed you by labelling you publicly as a mole? No. You deny it indirectly, by suggestion, above, but aren't you angry?"

Nope. It's humorous and rather flattering. Cheap entertainment. Besides, if I sued everyone for silliness, I'd never get out of court.

The friends and family members who read this blog are free thinkers. They aren't going to run out and guzzle gallons of aspartame-laden sweets just because I obliquely suggested that aspartame doesn't increase suggestibility. If my readers were like that, they'd all be vegans right now. I'd rather take my chances with aspartame than with mad cows - but I don't consume either.

As for the FMSF, you won't find a speck of positive info about them anywhere on my blogs. FMS is a made-up syndrome invented by a pack of accused child molesters and pro-pedophilia activists; FMS is not listed in the DSM-IV, and Ms. Freyd's allegations against her father have never been disproven. But of course this doesn't mean that every allegation of SRA is accurate. SRA allegations must be examined on a case-by-case basis.

I understand that you're probably having a bad day, Mr. Constantine. Have a nice cup of tea and watch some Fraggle Rock. That what's us CIA agents/accessories after the fact to war crimes do when we're wound up.


tweetey30 said...

People. LOL.. This was actually said to you?? Yikes. I cant believe it. You are just supporting your loved one and he accuses you of being an accessory. Yikes again!!!!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Might this whole aspartame thing be a case of misattributed correlation? Like the appearance of a correlation between ice cream sales & murder rates - both are probably caused by the same external factor (namely hot weather & more outdoor activity), not one cause by the other.

Maybe there is a critical mass of diet-pop drinkers who are easily led by society's strict social stigmas attached to obesity and they buy into the whole diet industry and perfect body image bullshit and therefore are already high in suggestibility - therefore they drink diet soda. That seems more logical to me, seeing how if it were some chemical agent, ALL people who drink diet pop would exhibit the same behaviors and I know plenty of intelligent people who drink diet pop and more than my share of complete idiotic, feebleminded followers who don't.

Just a thought. I know, it's a stretch. It's much more fun to pretend it's a government plot hatched by Snidley Wiplash in Dr. Evil's underground lair.

SME said...

Tweets, it actually had nothing to do with 9/11, and nothing to do with the health risks of aspartame. I mentioned someone else's theory that aspartame makes people more open to suggestion, and Mr. Constantine somehow assumed I was talking about his theory that aspartame will make you sick.

Ice cream and murder rates?! Too funny. I can tooottallly understand why murder rates would increase during hot weather, tho. Humidity and sweat and shirtless hairy fat guys make me pretty hostile.

tshsmom said...

I know I'M a murderous bitch when it gets hot! ;)