Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Gay Men in Iran, eh?

Well, at least that explains why Ahmadinejad's hair and wardrobe always look like shit.

But there's more to it than that, of course. Iran has lots of gay people...dead ones.

So, go ahead and preach to us about morality, Prez. Even though your way of dealing with homosexuality is brutal, unnecessary, and 100% FUCKING EVIL, I'm sure we in North America are the true reprobates for allowing gay men to, you know, live and throw the occasional parade. Thanks for enlightening us.

While you're in New York, go get a decent haircut and some new suits.


tweetey30 said...

OH my goodness. Yikes. I dont even want to ask whats next. I just dont so I wont. LOL.. He is a bit creepy if I say so myself.

tshsmom said...

Don't you just LOVE Columbia U today?! It's about time that ordinary citizens of the world take that bastard to task!

Iran also doesn't have any adulteress women or rape victims.

Gardenia said...

My personal opinion? That there are lots and lots of gay men in the middle east. They must keep their women "pure" or stone them to death - so what is the alternative? How do I know - personal knowledge of some of the guys - I used to be a middle east male magnet. If there was a middle eastern man within 30 mile radius, they would find me for a date, or rather they would ask for a date. Through some of those friends I found out that being bisexual was common place among the men. At least according to them - but the extreme backlash that is going on now would make me think so anyway. New meaning for hate crime, eh?

SME said...

Gardenia, I don't doubt that for a second. In places where women aren't available (prisons, boys' schools, etc.) men DO turn to each other for sexual gratification. So even if they're not exactly gay, there's still gay activity going on in secret.
As for gay men and lesbians, I'm sure they're everywhere. They just don't speak up in places like Iran, for obvious reasons.