Monday, September 03, 2007

Response to Richard

Richard, trying to be funny, commented on my Vancouver 9/11 Truth conference (Day 1) review. I erased that comment, but I did save it and I'll respond to it now that I've calmed down. His words are in bold.

She's getting that potty mouth in part cause I won't rest up on my 9/11 truth commitment and devote all my time to her 100%. And when I do give SME my undivided unselfish attention , she buries herself into her more important than me research and studies of the Satanic stuff and pedophile boys club priests.

I don't study priests. Back when the U.S. bishops were formulating a new plan to deal with accusations of sex offenses by members of the clergy in 2003, I paid attention. That's all. The bishops came up with a very sensible and laudable plan, but the Pope blew it to shreds, saying it was unfair to the priests. The Catholic Church is screwed. That's all I really know. I am not anti-Catholic; on the contrary, I think Catholics are needlessly suffering because of the callous actions of their spiritual leaders, and I know they deserve better. I will criticize any organization that deals irresponsibly with the sexual abuse of children - I don't care if it's a community, a corporation, or even a church. Child molesters and those who enable them won't receive a Get Out of Jail Free card from me just because they're "godly".

Also, I don't want anyone to devote 100% of their time to me, ever. That's just too much. I think it's great that we each have very different projects on the go - keeps things interesting. I just get fed up with 9/11 sometimes and need a break for a day or two, that's all.

So long as I behave and stand in the corner and be a good boy...She reminds me to behave when I go downstairs for the mail...behave? I always said SME wears the pants in this house!

You've been quoting this all week. It's some dumbass hippie-era Jonie Mitchell song. If I took great store in Joni Mitchell's ideas, don't you think I'd...y'know...own even ONE of her albums?!
I don't want you around for decoration. You have your own mind and your own opinions and I respect them. I don't want you to devote even 90% of your time exclusively to me - that would just be weird. So get over yourself. We all know you're in charge around here. Well, actually Sophie's in charge, but then it's you, then me.

I think that's why she's out to belittle 9/11 truth activists. It's anger generated at me for not being submissive to her every demand. ouch...Did I just write that aloud? No more back scratches for me ...( Luv you babe)

You got that last part right - no back scratches for you.
I'm not out to belittle anyone. They're doing that to themselves by behaving like paranoid drama queens, taking things out of context, and wildly exaggerating everything. And yes, I think it was perfectly fair to quote Dr. H's letter since it was addressed to ME, and since I didn't even use his name. I'll point out that he posted that very letter himself on another website. He was very proud of it.

I think she's quite off the mark with her general analysis of the Vancouver truth conference and I can't take her side against Hawkins or Weber. In fact she's in outer space on her Vancouver report and I think she needs to return to planet earth.

What do the Truthers we saw at the conference know about planet Earth? Some of them are more interested in what's going on in other galaxies, and others are so detached from reality that they might as well be in another galaxy. If you wanna side with people who believe the Irish flag is rife with occult symbolism or that Danish Satanists control the world or that we're all going to be torn apart by modified attack baboons at any moment, be my guest. But don't give me a hard time for refusing to do the same. I am entitled to my own opinions on this and every other matter. I know you think I just haven't seen the light of 9/11 Truth yet, but trust me: Even if I did, I would know that most of these guys' ideas are seriously effed up.

She's on her own with the criticisms flocking her way from those she tramples.

I'm not trampling anyone! I was super-polite to Dr. H. until he got all snarky. Sure, I gave his "presentation" a poor review, but that's because it sucked. And Webre called me a war criminal when I didn't say a single negative thing about him (ditto for Alex Constantine). So who's doing the trampling here? These guys seem to be taking their frustrations out on me and other people who don't fawn all over them.
Again, I am entitled to my own opinion.

I wish she would stop trashing lawyers especially (we can't afford the law suits).

I have said nothing slanderous, nothing untrue, nothing libelous. All this stuff comes straight from the mouths of the Truthers themselves. The only things "added" are my opinions, and I have a right to express those.

She has her right to her opinion and she does well with her research and putting sentences together, especially as an agent (Agent Sculley wannabe).

Har har.

I think Conspiracy Smasher would be delighted posting some of her attacks, not because they respect the truth and the validity of her remarks but mostly they hunger for this type of venting.

"Venting" and "expressing my honest opinion in a creative way" are not the same thing. I'm just callin' it like I see it.

Penn n Teller SME, give me a break, these two are ding dongs! But then again when I first started dating her she tried to sell me on this Bill O'Reilly character as her mentor to the real world (this is when I first suspected her affiliation with the PNAC club).

Hey, O'Reilly was a pretty cool guy 10 years ago! He didn't take any b.s., but he let people finish their sentences. Now he's a bloated, maniacal freakazoid. Not my fault.

Penn & Teller rock. Period.


tshsmom said...

Yes, Penn and Teller ROCK!
Z now wants to get Showtime, just so he can watch Bullshit!

I've really been having fun, looking up the "conspiracies?" these people believe in. It's quite entertaining. ;)

Doug, I know that you like to have high profile people joining your movement. But...these guys will only make people question the movement's credibility. Love ya!

tweetey30 said...

Ouch. Sounds like a great argument here between the two of you. All right not really argument but close enough. LOL.. I have no idea really who the people are but great points on how to be head of house hold. Esp the special Sophie bunny.

SME said...

"Bullshit" is one of the best shows on TV. I loooove it!! But I don't love O'Reilly. O'Reilly's a tool.

Sophie's the boss 'cause she actually does demand 100% of our attention sometimes. ;D

Richard's under the impression that I'm making these people appear cuckoo, or being somehow unfair to them. Am I?

tshsmom said...

O'Reilly has become an overbearing BULLY!
You're not making them appear cuckoo. They're doing that themselves! Just check their web pages, and read the comments they left here. Give 'em enough rope and they hang themselves, every time!