Sunday, October 21, 2007

Attn Wal-Mart Shoppers: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

A few days ago Richard sent an email about this video to his buds in the 9/11 Truth movement. He said it was rather childish, especially when compared to the interesting demolition-comparison video put out by Ottawa this week.

Well, the Calgary Truthers didn't want to hear that, and they removed the link to the local Truth "chapter" from their website. Richard removed his link to theirs, but didn't take it personally and didn't fault Calgary for taking offense.

This is the reply he received from one of his local buds:

"Good Fucking move RETARD, Way to go with the stupid bullshit !!! I told you to lay off, Lets see who cant take a bit of critical evaluation now, idiot Who's fucking side are you on anyways ??? Seems you do more harm than good with bullshit like this... Good Fucking Game, Learn to play noob ! If you can't get by stupid Oiler, flames Bullshit, your seriously not paying attention, I use it as a motivater, & you & fucktard dipshit Wayne go the other way & demoralize & alienate Calgary with your petty bullshit & hammer them with completely out of line ninnying, WAY TO BE THE ENEMY !!! Maybe the critisizers are Right, sure seems to be, instead of trying to repair the bridge, you step up the idiocy & remove there link, exactly what the enemy would do!"

Sigh. Can you see why I don't like paranoia?


Bridget Jones said...

ummm yah. There's so much of it around!!! Yikes.

SME said...

I know... some folks seem very tense lately. You'd think there was a chocolate shortage.

Notta Wallflower said...

I don't even understand the written response of that guy. The video was interesting - at one point I saw what looked like a Walmart employee walk by and see the kid and not do anything. Why do people have to react like that? If a person doesn't like something in an email, that's what the "delete" button is for. Sheesh!

Laura said...

So does anyone get the irony of the 911truthers having the "if you're not with us, you're against us" mentality of George W. Bush?

Bill Maher had to throw some people out of his audience in last Friday's show because they kept interupting and shouting stuff about 911 even though that wasn't the topic being discussed. Then their buddies (who got thrown out after) started in with Free Speech mumbo jumbo... now, I'm sorry, I agree with Bill here... it's not a debate, it's not the Iowa Caucus - you're in the audience to listen. Period.

Seriously, how obnoxious can some of these clowns get?

SME said...

I TOTALLY agree with that. The Truthers aren't getting that overreacting to a comedian's opinions isn't any different from the treatment given to the Dixie Chicks. And I would be enraged if I paid to be in an audience and some sh**head wouldn't shut up about his own issues.

Richard decided to step away from this little "group" here and just do things on his own like he did in the beginning - the group has actually slowed him down and complicated things, rather than helping in any way. The guy who wrote the letter is, as you can see, hella-confrontational, and they've had to practically pull him off of people in the past.

tshsmom said...

That explains the email I got from Doug.
Even though I don't believe in any of the Truther stuff, I respect their right of free speech. Like I keep telling Doug...their own worst enemy is the nutcases within the movement. It destroys their credibility! :(

Laura, Truthers seem to think that their cause should be recognized, and agreed with, in ANY venue they choose to spew it. Publicity is everything to them.

It's pretty bad when Maher himself had to eject the Truthers from the audience.

SME said...

I know, what was up with security?! The host should not have to kick audience ass himself.

Between hotheads and anti-Semites, I'm not impressed with most the local Truthers. There are only two or three who would qualify as sane (and they wrote very nice, encouraging letters).

Wandering Coyote said...

This guy seriously needs an editor. He can barely write!

SME said...

Yeah, most hotheaded conspiranoids seem to think spelling & grammar are optional.