Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Itchy & Scratchy

Hmm. I thought I was coming down with something - headache, scratchy throat - and then I found chicken-pox-like bumps on my stomach. And they itch. I've heard you can get chicken pox twice, but my first case was so bad that I doubt I could. Richard thinks they're hives. I hope I haven't developed an allergy to critters, 'cause if so I'll just have to suffer - once an animal comes to live here, it's got a home for life.

Anyway, just relaxing and reading 2012 by Daniel Pinchbeck and Gone Baby Gone by Dennis LeHane. It's not on my reading list but I couldn't resist; Mystic River was really, really good.

Some flat-out disturbing search terms used to find this blog today:
- HIV toddler symptoms
- Is full-blown AIDS contagious?
- Tupperware weekly meetings

I've addressed this spooky AIDS denialism a little bit, but I now feel it's something I'm going to have to explore in a lot more depth... soon! For now I'll just say: Whether AIDS is contagious or not, pretend that it is, okay? Please?


Karen said...

Tupperware? Now that IS scary!!!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on 2012 - I've been tempted to add it to my wishlist.

SME said...

I know - weekly Tupperware meetings. *shudder*

2012 is very interesting so far (I'm about halfway through it).