Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Minor Rant

People are always stealing my ideas. Well, not stealing them exactly - just using them before I do. It's starting to piss me off a little bit.
First there was my idea for a story combining A Night to Remember with An Affair to Remember: The ultimate doomed romance. James Cameron, of course, cadged this idea for Titanic. But my idea was better because it didn't involve Celine Dion.
Then I wrote a story about a girl who runs away from the circus. Neil Gaiman used this as the starting point for the film Mirrormask, but since his story was fantasy and mine wasn't, I guess I'll forgive him.
Then, shortly after 9/11, I wrote a one-act play about a family in a bomb shelter and submitted it to a competition. It lost to another play about a bomb shelter, which was deemed more interesting because it involved gay kissing, realistic vomiting, and some cannibalsim. A short time later, this play was eclipsed by a famous local playwright's work about... guess what? That's right. A bomb shelter.
Then, about six months ago, I thought of a Winesburg, Ohio-style series of stories about the residents of a trailer park. I had a name, even: Larkwood. Well, turns out Russell Banks (a writer I really like, incidentally) already did this with Trailerpark.

If anybody comes out with a book or movie about possessed cheerleaders (B movies don't count), I will be furious.


tshsmom said...

Same here. I've come up with several inventions that I thought would be too pricey to pursue. I was wrong. :(

Bridget Jones said...

Sorry for you guys being creative.

How about a plot about an office that successfully revolts against despots?

SME said...

I think that was already done with Monty Python's Meaning of Life; elderly office men turn into pirates.