Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I saw Calendar Girls, and I thought it was pretty cool of middle-aged and older ladies to proudly, unashamedly show off their bods to raise some cash for their gardening club (or whatever it was; I can't recall). Now, 101-year-old Nora Hardwick has posed nude for a calendar to raise money for the Ancaster Athletic children's team in her village in Lincolnshire, England. And all I can say is


I mean, good for her, but


This is so very very very wrong on so very very very many levels. How will I ever get this imagined image out of my head, Ms. Hardwick?! HOW?! And why the freaking hell are you selling nudie calendars to raise money for a kids' athletic club?! Have you folks never heard of bake sales?! And perhaps most important: Who wants to look at this for an entire month?!

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew....


Vest said...

"How's your body shaping up miss muffet, you are not still 29 or is that your dress size?
BTW thanks for the call, must be near Christmas, even the garbage man smiled at me yesterday.

I chased up that scrawny middle-aged bimbo of calendar fame, she informed me she is quite capable of achieving most of what is expected of her, even in the boudoir, however her culinary skills need more attention.

Happy thanksgiving to you, dick and bunny, also your blogging friends. just a little one x.

SME said...

Now how did I know you would comment on this post?
Nearing 30, and not a 29 yet - do sizes go that high? I imagine they must. And that is a frightening thought. Let's hope the women in that particular size bracket never do a calendar of their own...

tshsmom said...


Z-kid said...

Ok, I would go kill myself now, but that wouldn't erase the horror. D:

Vest said...

Its Election day today in Strayer, Erection day if you are Chinese.
Kevin Rudd is envisaged as the new OZ political playmate for everyones friend of those who are employed in the armaments and military uniform industries, the bloke listed on my dogalogue of not to use four letter words.

You said, how did I know you would comment on this post? Well, you must have noticed, I ALWAYS REPLY to YOUR comments regardless of any anguish you may have caused me or Your desperate attempts to appease me by your affectionate tributes; now priceless memories of the past.
Anyhow; have a lovely day.zguxk

SME said...

Z, yeah, I'm pretty sure that horrific image will be following us into the afterlife. Sorry 'bout that. ;D

I never appease anyone with affectionate tributes. Life's too short.

Vest said...

George has a new playmate, Strayers PM designate Kevin Rudd, as forecast by vest, but not the best choice.
To whom went your five bucks? truthful answer req or else, if no reply within 48 hours a 'Forward' job is in the offing also I shall utter those dreadful 'Rabbit Stew' words to Sophie.
G U B T Curlies.