Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve Pics

The last-minute shopping and most of the last-minute wrapping are done, and we're all ready to make the Christmas cupcakes and wild rice soup and tofurkey.
But tonight Demi cuddled with her pooch, Bandit, and we all enjoyed some munchies and soynog while watching Little Britain (all agreeing that Demi actually talks faster than Vicky Pollard), then the final Prime Suspect ever (*sniff sniff*).
Tomorrow we'll probably just loll around the house, make cupcakes, maybe take the pooch for a little walk, then have the traditional wild-rice soup and open presents! Hope your Christmas is full of fun, happiness, love, and the warmth that peace can bring.
Happiest Holidays, everybody!


Karen said...

Doritos, British television, and dog snuggles....what a great way to spend a winter's eve.

I too watched most of the Little Britain Marathon that was on yesterday although my diet seemed to be absent one giant bag of Doritos.

tshsmom said...

Let me guess...Dems took that picture of you? We had a lot of tilty, from the floor pictures on our camera when she left here. ;)

I like the cabin picture on your fridge. I'm happy that you're still enjoying those godawful rugbeater magnets.

We're looking forward to seeing you all later!! Hug each other from me.

tshsmom said...

BTW, that lamp IS fugly!

SME said...

I don't like Doritos, myself, but Brit TV, Demi's faces, and some cuddly critters made the day!

Yep, Demi took the picture...the best one of the bunch, actually. ;D

I like my rugbeater magnets. They're charming! The lamp - not charming. That thing has got to go.