Friday, January 04, 2008

Birthday Goodies!

From my folks: a Gumby shirt, certainly destined to be my favourite. (30 going on 13...)

Tee from Z-Kid. I love it.

A polar bear from Richard. For 3 years he made clay bears for me on my birthday (you can see them in the pic below), so this is gradually becoming a bear-dominated bookshelf.

Champagne for the wee hours, chocolates, and a lovely rose from Richard (couldn't find our vase & had to buy another one).


Blue said...

Ohhhhhh my! You really cleaned up on the prezzies, SME!

Happy 30th!!!!!

Love the bear and T shirt....

tweetey30 said...

I liked both T's. Those were cute.

scrunch said...

Dad here....just home from another rollicking day of fun and frivolity at work...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

So I know you're asking, 'what am I reading, watching, etc.'...

I'm on book three of Philip Pullman's
'His Dark Materials', and although I don't agree with a lot of the negative comments due to the religious themes within them, they're not bad, but a little too action-oriented for you.

Have a Neil Stephenson book to read yet...'The Diamond Age'; sort of a cross between Charles Dickens and William Gibson.

Playing a war game on the pc (Company of Heroes)..and messing around with my 12-pound ball of tar (Gish)...and of course learning to use my new gaming keyboard with lots of programmable keys.

to you
to you
HAPPY BIRT...... carried away!

SME said...

Thanks blue and Tweets!

Dad, I actually did read The Golden Compass and liked it a lot, but not enough to read the rest of the series just yet. I have no desire to see the movie, 'cause I pictured Lyra more as Oliver Twist than Shirley Temple. ;P
I have the 1st book of Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. Haven't gotten to it yet.
I'm reading some Stephen King. Yeah, I know, diarrhea of the word processor, but some of it's awfully good. Reading "Insomnia" right now. Too long - shoulda been a short story - but otherwise decent.

Not playing any games other than Sims lately. For a game I initially hated, it's ADDICTIVE!!

Amazing how much fun a person can have with a 12-lb. tarball! ;D

scrunch said...

yea, I have no desire to see The Golden Compass...I liked it, but they'll never pull it out like you imagine it.

a LOT of Stephen King is good, just kinda skim the bad stuff. Best ever to me? 'The Stand' and 'The Green Mile'.

SME said...

The Stand was excellent. Green Mile is one I'll have to read someday, too.

Karen said...

Awww! See you got spoiled :) I love the idea of Richard making you a bear every year - how sweet. Sounds like the day turned out pretty good after all.

tshsmom said...

Those are some FINE looking shelves, if I do say so myself. ;)

I can't believe how young the kids look in that picture! Our babies are growing up much too fast! :(

I've been meaning to ask you: are your countertops real granite, or granite-looking formica?

Is Sophie in a better mood today? How was your 3 a.m. champagne? lalalala

SME said...

Well, it was an excellent birthday, but I didn't make it to the champagne. My stupid wisdom tooth flared up again after I talked to Dad and I've had an earache from it all day - haven't slept yet. This is the year to get those stupid suckers yanked, for sure.

The kids are growing up WAY too fast. I'd like to pile bricks on their heads to slow the growth, but I guess that wouldn't be a good thing.

Mom, Sophie's all happy today! I don't think Dad believed me when I said she has moods, but you could see it, right? I'm not crazy? She really does scowl?

The countertop is granite - what little there is of it. ;D

tshsmom said...

No, you're not crazy, at least not on that point. Sophie was definitely scowling last night! She was so sweet and cuddly in the afternoon, that I couldn't believe the change.

SME said...

Oh, I KNOW. Like I said, she's got a definite rabbitude...

Laura said...

Hee, Happy birthday a few days late! Love the shirt...