Monday, January 28, 2008


It's rather cold outside. -32 C, -25.something F.

I bundled into long underwear, moon boots, a massive hooded coat, and double-layered gloves for a trip to the library, and now I don't wanna go out again 'til it's absolutely necessary. Like "Sorry, ma'am, this building is about to be demolished" necessary.

Sophie is cuddled up to the radiator, baking her butt, but she does that all the time anyway. The cold must not be too bad when you have a permanent fur coat.

Right now I'm just going to make some tomato soup and a chai, pore over vegan cookbooks and the books on my reading list, and listen to some bad TV (Intervention and Paranormal State).


tshsmom said...

Thanks for sending it down HERE! :(
We're supposed to have a -55F wind chill tonight.

SME said...

Yeek! :(