Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Watch out for those Modified Attack Baboons...

Or, "Yes, Virginia, There Are Bioplasmatic Astral Entities"

Whew! It took me a hellishly long time, but I finished my post on the Walter Mitty of the conspiranoia world, Dr. Bill Deagle. Part I is up at Swallowing the Camel.

Here are just a few quotes from Dr. D:

"You have to realize I'm your best buddy. I don't care how rich or smart you are, I know what the hell's going on. I'm trying to save your ass and the ass of your grandchildren for a thousand generations."

Other insiders "don't connect all the dots, and if you don't connect all the dots it's like putting together a puzzle and oh my gosh the other part of the puzzle has fallen off, but it fell in the fire and now it's on fire. So you have to connect all the dots."

"I'm a sheep with big muscles, sharp fangs, and long claws."

"Whenever you hear the term 'conspiracy theory' in the future, I want you to think not 'theory' but 'conspiracy reality'".

"If They kill me tonight or some other day, there's gonna be a lot of dead Them before They think that They're gonna win."

"You as a spirit understand and know things that you can not always explain in physical words, but you know that things aren't right, just like an animal before a tsunami or an earthquake knows something's real damn wrong, and how come Deagle knows all this stuff?"


tshsmom said...

OMG! I hope Deagle won't be on the bus! ;p

SME said...

ME TOO!! Actually I think he's in Novia Scotia. They can have him.

Gardenia said...

This explains a lot. (Just joking.)

Richard D. Brinkman said...
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Richard D. Brinkman said...
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SME said...