Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Cujo" and the Junk Market

On our first Saturday morning in Taiwan, we were talking about the many street dogs that roam Kaohsiung. Some are pets, others are hobos that wander from house to house for their food. (The city has a program in which they catch, register/collar, and re-release the dogs.) Most of them are very used to people and are friendly. Richard mentioned that he hasn't met a dog who didn't like him, so Paul drove us out to a junkyard just beyond a cemetery (1st photo) and introduced him to "Cujo", the junkyard dog who had recently leaped out and barked ferociously at him during one of his morning jogs. Richard walked up to this dog as he dozed in the sun, chained to his house. Cujo watched him but didn't budge.

That afternoon, Paul took us to the local "junk market", an outdoor/indoor flea market CRAMMED with tools, watches, shoes, antiques, paintings, mountain tea, squids-on-a-stick (a very popular food item at all markets in Taiwan), hemorrhoid cream advertised by some VERY graphic photos (and, oddly, no "after" pictures...), turtle meat, Buddhas, penis-shaped polished stones, street dogs, health-restoring Cobra Juice, and many other things. It was fun.


tshsmom said...

AWWWW, poor "Cujo" looks a bit like Shadow. Only it looks like "Cujo" has a bit of shepherd in him.

I don't suppose you bought any of the hemorrhoid cream? I'd be interested in knowing if it works. Folk remedies quite often cure ailments.

SME said...

I have my doubts about that cream...there wasn't a single "After" photo! Which makes me wonder why they display the photos in the first place...