Thursday, April 03, 2008


Home. Tired. Want to blog. But gotta sleep instead. Somehow, being propped up in a teeny seat for 12 hours with a thin-ass blanket, smack in front of the flight attendants' station where they do all their clattering and chattering, just didn't lull me into dreamland...

Had a fantastic trip, though - lots of pics and stories coming up.


Captain Karen said...

Oh Sophie looks so content! Can't wait to see your pics and hear all about your trip!

tweetey30 said...

Glad your home safe and sound. Missed you blogging. You have to come check out our new kitty when you get a minute. I cant bring him home until May but I can visit with him.

SME said...

A kitty! Cool! Richard wants one, too, but I'm not so sure 'bout that. Sophie probably thinks she's a cat now that she's just spent two weeks playing with them at the boarding place (we'll find out soon enough, when we pick her up this afternoon). I really don't want two litterboxes and two critters dominating our little abode - one bossy bunny seems like enough!

Traveling is fun, but it's always such a relief to get home, unpacked, and resettled.

Love the new avatar, Cap'n! ;)

tshsmom said...

Thanks for the email, turkey! I had to come over here to find out you're home. Dad was starting to get worried.

Did you call Grandma?

I'll call you later, after you get
Sophie. Can't wait to talk!