Thursday, April 03, 2008


I was gonna send out some photos and blog more tonight, but I guess I wasn't as de-jetlagged as a I thought I was. I crashed at about 7:30.

Sophie is home and rather grumpy that we ended her nice vacation. She was having fun, kickin' it with the cats and playing outside on warmer days; I think the cats accepted her as some kind of weird, long-eared breed. When we picked her up, all the cats ran to check us out but Sophie hunched at the far end of her run with a "hell no, I won't go" scowl on her face.

I'm still unpacking, cleaning, doing laundry and all that fun stuff. I already had a long list of stuff to do when we returned, and around 7:00 this morning Richard woke me up and said, "You gotta get up and help me. This bed is falling apart." Our bed is a cheap but very sturdy pine frame that we bought at a futon place and assembled ourselves. I hadn't even noticed it was wobbly, but if Richard noticed it could be falling apart, that meant flipping the thing on its side (not easy in our teensy bedroom), tightening all the screws, probably rearranging all the camping gear stored underneath, then hoping for the best. But I wasn't gonna do all that at 7 AM. The bed would just have to collapse with me on it. I told him we'd do it later and went back to sleep. As soon as I got up around 8:30, I added "adjust bed, reorganize gear" to my stuff list.
Then, en route to the cat place, a possibility occurred to me. A possibility so likely that I couldn't believe it hadn't struck me at once.
"Richard, do you remember telling me about the bed collapsing this morning?"
"What the...? No."
One thing to cross off my list.


Laura said...

That's too funny! you dreamt your bed was collapsing? What does that mean?

Can't wait for pictures. I've always wanted to go to the Far East (China, Japan, Thailand). Maybe I'll get there someday. A friend of mine is trying to get a job teaching English in Japan... if he does, we'd have a free place to stay!

SME said...

I'm not sure about China, but I'd also love to see Japan and parts of Thailand. We might venture to the Philippines at some point in the near future, since that's where Paul and Juliet want to live next.

I have no clue what collapsing beds might symbolize in the dreamworld...but I guess it's better than Richard's "unconscious redecorating" phase, when he would take pictures off the walls in his sleep. Now he just wakes me up with strange crises. One night he swore the fireplace had just exploded and the building was on fire. We don't have a fireplace.

tshsmom said...

Another fun excursion to pineapple-land. ;)