Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today, I have fewer teeth.

Well, after putting it off for years, I finally got my wisdoms yanked this morning. I was starting to get a wee bit nervous. I'm fine with dentists in general and I trust mine in particular, but four teeth at once is a lot... I've only ever had one tooth pulled, to make room for the rest of my teeth before I got braces. Braces are why I don't have a fear of dentists; I had so many orthodontic and dental appointments as a kid, I became desensitized. After having your teeth wrenched into alignment by jagged metal devices and wires, cleanings and checkups aren't too troubling.

I couldn't sleep much Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, especially after Sophie decided to throw a tantrum, flinging toys around her cage before pitching them into her water dish and stomping her feet. She does this from time to time. But on Wednesday night I was supposed to take a sedative, then take another one an hour before my appointment (which was, thankfully, first thing in the morning).

Anyway, thanks to the sedatives I floated from our builidng to the dentist's office, mellow as a marshmallow. The procedure took scarcely more than an hour, no gory or disgusting mishaps, and I was out of there. I have some painkillers if problems flare up later in the day, but all in all I give this extractive an A+

To cheer myself up in the next 2-3 days, I've stocked up on sumptuous, brothy soups and some tofu "ice cream". And of course LOST is on tonight.

I'm finally reading the Harry Potter books, too. I just started #4, and I'm having a hard time pulling myself away from it! I've been re-watching each movie as I finish a book, and I'm soooo looking forward to seeing Goblet of Fire again - it was one of my faves.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, I hope all goes well tomorrow. I always say, if I need any teeth pulled, hit me over the head with a cast iron pan first. I HATE the dentist - and it was exactly because of all the orthodontal appointments I had from the ages of 12 - 16.

I'm glad they gave you a sedative, and that you're taking it, and best of luck tomorrow!

PS: The word verification I have up now is tptmymom. *snicker*

SME said...

Thanks! It'll be good to have it over and done with, at least.

Twice in a row I've gotten word verifications with "judo" in them. Weeeird.

I like the avatar!

Laura said...

If they're not impacted, then you should have no problem. It's a piece of cake. Two of mine were easy, caused me no problems at all. One was impacted and that required general anethesia and required some heavy duty pain medication.

SME said...

It was a cinch. I was amazed at how little time it took. Now, if the recovery face goes as well...

Wandering Coyote said...

Excellent. Glad it went so well!

Courtney said...

My dentist never felt there was a need for my wisdoms to be removed. Until one of them abscessed. The pain from the abscess and swelling was so great that I don't even know if the extraction hurt.

Good to hear that you had no problems!

SME said...

Courtney - My dentist kept insisting it was a preventative thing and I ignored her for ages....guess she was right! :S
Richard still had 3 of his til last year, when one started bothering him out of nowhere.

Um, I just realized I gave the "extractive" an A+. Maybe that sedative hadn't quite worn off yet?

tshsmom said...

Don't you wish you'd had them yanked 5 years ago, now that it's over?

You were a real trooper with your braces, so I knew you wouldn't have a problem with the surgery.

I didn't care if they ripped my whole head off after I had the "happy meds"!

SME said...

I'm actually glad I didn't have them done 5 years ago, 'cause back then other dentists were telling me they couldn't do it and I'd have to have them surgically extracted. That would've been way more fuss (and more expensive)! But I should've had them done two or three years ago, when I first start seeing this dentist. She's really good.

The Zombieslayer said...

4 & 5 were the best. Especially 5. 6 was really good too. But I enjoyed all 7.

If I were to rank the movies, I'd say Alfonso Cuaron did the best job with 3. 5 was the worst.

SME said...

I was unfortunate enough to see a double feature of HP 5 and Ocean's 13 at a drive-in in Ontario. It was cool to be at a drive-in, but *blech*. Richard was lucky to fall asleep through most of both movies.

Movies #3 and 4 are my faves so far, and I'm enjoying the fourth book even more than the first three.