Monday, April 14, 2008

Taiwan Street Scenes

Taiwan's cities come alive at night. Businesses stay open quite late, and there's a 7-11 on every corner selling candy, beer, and tea eggs (strangely spiced hardboiled eggs saturated with tea - which give 7-11s in Taiwan a distinctive odor).

On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays people are out strolling the night markets, and on weekdays they're buying dinner at the small food stands you find everywhere. Scooters are THE mode of transportation, even for quick jaunts to the store (Richard was disturbed that the sidewalks are reserved for scooter parking rather than walking). The profusion of lighted signs, ads, scooters, and roadside stands makes just about every busy street fascinating after dark.


tweetey30 said...

It looks so awsome to see from your point of view. Thanks for sharing this with us.

SME said...

I wish I could post more, but this cold is really dragging me down. I can't seem to get rid of it!

Vest said...

Was called FORMOSA back in 44-45 when the USN and the Brit Navy were sorting out the sons of nippon who staged their daily aero acrobatics over our ships. during op/ iceberg ten weeks april 1 on, unc sam lost 31 ships, brits none, but a few got seriously bent. A trafalgar tradition.
Did you know, Naughty Nelson A of F,used buckets of gravel instead of balls in some cannons, very off putting. alls fair in love and war. having bunny stew for dinner tomorrow.BTW Lovely pics.

Did you visit Chiang Kai-Shek's, (Jiang jie-shi) resting place.

Wasn't that awful about the Caspian sea, I expect the Sturgeon fish would enjoy those female? worms.
Have a pleasant day.

SME said...

Didn't visit Kai-0shek's resting place - not quite enough time - but we toured Taipei's Palace Museum. Fascinating. Taiwan's history is also intriguing - particularly during the war and in the 18th century, when "George Psalmanazar" staged his great Formosan native hoax on the people of Europe.

La Cremiere said...

Love the pictures - very colourful and vibrant. Malaysian sidewalks are also reserved for bikes and cars and roads too so if you're a pedestrian watch out.