Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Happy (Simulated) Mother's Day!

As you may know, I while back I made a version of my parents' home on The Sims. Well, this year for Mother's Day I decided to throw Sim Mom a Mother's Day party with cake and flowers. Here's how it turned out...

Looks pretty real, except the dog isn't begging.
Weirdly, all the Sims trooped into the den (my old room) to eat their cake. The dad talked about dolphins, which annoyed the Sim Z-Kid.

And funnily enough, true to form, Mom's Sim counterpart was in bed by 6:17 PM!

It's nowhere near as good as wishing you Happy Mother's Day in person, Mom, but Happy Mother's Day! Love you!


tshsmom said...

FYI, I go to bed between 9 and 10; SO THERE! ;)
WHY are there 2 beds in our bedroom? It must be a bugger getting clothes out of the closet with the entertainment center in front of the closet door. That carpet is an exact match to our carpet. The kitchen floor matches well too, except for the worn spots.

It'd be real tough eating cake in the den. It's full of blue boxes of crap out of Z's room that's waiting to be sorted.

Yeah, pretty much everything Dad says aggravates your brother. Sorta like you and me when you were a teen.

Love you Sweetie! I'll collect my hug next month.

SME said...

Well, OK, so your Sim went to bed a wee bit was still funny. ;D
There have to be two beds in every shared Sim room, 'cause if they're grumpy they won't sleep in the same bed and one will just collapse on the floor.
I don't think the center's right in front of the door, it just looks like it from certain angles.
I figured the dolphin thing was pretty true to life, too. ;D
We'll be seeing you soon! Love you!

The Zombieslayer said...

That's awesome.
There isn't sound to the Sims?
I've never played it before.

SME said...

I always turn the sound down 'cause it's hella annoying, but I took this with my cheapie camera so there wouldn't be sound anyway. The most annoying part is the "Simlish", high-pitched gobbledygook that's supposed to pass for talking among Sims. It's like, "Yaaa! Chee wa wa! Hoom gorp de doo vee wa snorp!"