Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ungodly-Hot Monday

Demi will be with us for the next week or two! I'll post stories, vids, and pics when able. Yesterday Richard and Demi took a walk from downtown to White Ave, stopping off at the Legislature building to cool off in the public pools, and returned to the apartment insisting that Demi had been "arrested" by a security guard for peeing in an off-limits fountain that turns blue when it comes into contact with pee. They were kidding, but I can picture one or both of them doing this!

Tomorrow Demi and I will probably take in the fireworks.

Right now we're each pursuing our own quiet-time activities: Me blogging and reading books related to Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes (I'll have much to say about that corner of hell at a later time; right now my cousin is in a similar situation and I want to offer him some moral support first); Demi trying to keep her Tamagachi alive; Richard listening to Alex Jones to see what fire-&-brimstone conspiranoia nonsense he's spewing today.

It's infernally hot today. We bought an extra fan. Sophie, being spoiled, gets the smaller one to herself.


tweetey30 said...

Its hot every where. Happy holiday over there. I forgot about the first being your 4th... Enjoy the fire works though..

Wandering Coyote said...

Ungodly hot is right! It's been in the high thirties all week and it's been HORRIBLE.

SME said...

Today we're just hunkered down with the curtains drawn and fans blasting. I don't even wanna set foot aside til dark.

Laura said...

Hopefully we don't get your heatwave... thankfully we've had a pretty mild summer in Chicago so far. A couple of hot days, but nowhere near as bad as last year. Given the winter we had, I think we deserve a break.

Bridget Jones said...

Same here, hot and rainy. Glad that Sophie's being treated as the royalty that she is (lol don't I know whereof I speak!)!