Wednesday, November 12, 2008


From the LA Times: "Suicide Outside Paula Abdul's House? Why Did Paula Goodspeed Die?"

I'm officially done poking fun at the odder Idol contestants. I remember seeing this girl's audition and not being particularly disturbed by her behavior or her apparent obsession with Paula Abdul, but obviously the rejection stung a lot more than anyone realized. This is tragic but inevitable; I'm actually surprised something like this hasn't happened sooner, considering the astounding number of attention-hungry and slightly deranged young people who pass through the auditions every year, and the callous way they are treated for the sake of entertainment.

I wish she had done this in front of Cowell's house. Abdul was polite, as usual, but Simon ranted on and on about her braces until she was close to tears.


Bridget Jones said...

The sicker thing is that no one's clamped down on his mouth yet. What the h-e-double hockey sticks makes him so damn special/all knowing?

It's no surprise that this happened, only that more haven't done it and sooner.

Shame on that idiot (SC. It's too bad that he doesn't have the b*lls to realize how bad he is.

SME said...

Totally agreed. I mean I know they want a "villain" on the show for people to hate, but that guy is completely out of line with his arrogance, rudeness, and sometimes his incoherence. "That, my dear, was like a monkey having relations with a toaster." It's one thing for him to put actual contestants through the grinder like that - they'll have to learn to handle it if they really want to be in the business - but he doesn't have to emotionally flay teenagers who don't meet his standards in auditions.

Laura said...

I never watch Idol, but it's sad. I doubt this one incident caused her behavior - more than likely it stemmed from a lifetime of (perceived or real) rejection. The fact that this happened on national television could have made this the straw that broke the camel's back, but my guess is she had a lot of other issues. Still - I agree, from the few times I've actually watched Idol, Simon is made to be the villian.

SME said...

Definitely pre-existing issues, but the audition rejection seemed to be the final straw. (Once you've been rejected on Idol, the whole planet knows about it and won't let you forget it. There are people still trying to socially recover from auditions 5, 6 years ago...) I wouldn't object to Cowell's rudeness if the folks who audition were older, but I think the age cap is 23 or 24, and the average age seems to be 19.