Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hollywood Creepiness

Tom Cruise once said to Matt Lauer,"The thing is, Matt, I know the history of psychology. You don't."

In a Toronto TV interview this week, Cruise said that when he first read the script for Valkyrie, he thought, "Wow. Is this true?"

Better drop the psychology and work on your other history for a while, guy.

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I mentioned in my review of Synecdoche, New York, that the movie begins with the death of Harold Pinter. Pinter died this week.

Granted, he was sick for a long time, but it's still kinda spooky.

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I watched a gameshow tonight that made me wonder, WTF is WRONG with people?!?! It's G4 Tech's Hurl!, in which college girls engage in competitive eating rounds interspersed with rides on mechanical bulls. The first to puke loses. I have a lot of problems with this.
First of all, competitive eating pisses me off. We live in a world in which the majority of people don't have enough nutritious food to eat, so wasting it on spectator eating is a grossly wasteful thing to do.
Second, college girls already have purging issues. This does not need to be reinforced in any way.
Third, it's just disgusting. I don't see the entertainment value in slow-mo replays of girls vomiting. Is this show aimed at some fetish market that I (thankfully) don't know about?!

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greatwhitebear said...

it all fits in with my favorite saying. "Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life on THIS planet!"

Helene said...

ugh. you do have gross shows on your TV. That's the problem with too many channels, they end up running out of idea for entertainment and come up with this crap.

Captain Karen said...

Tom Cruise is one messed up man.

I agree with your about the competitive eating. It strikes me as wasteful and irresponsible, not to mention extremely unhealthy and dangerous. If there's intelligent life out there, I wonder what they would think of us if they were watching some of the jackass things we do.

tshsmom said...

That's exactly why your brother doesn't watch G4 anymore! It used to be a high-quality techie channel. Now it's just an MTV wannabe. :(
I can't believe that ANYBODY would willingly watch Hurl more than once! GWB is right!

The Zombieslayer said...

Yeah, it's probably a fetish.
One bad thing about the internet is you have access to just about anything. That should be a good thing in theory, but in practice, I keep getting my weirdo friends forwarding things I don't want to see, and one of those things is that fetish. Yuck.

As for Cruise, where do I start? I guess all I can say is you won't see him in my anti-zombie compound when the plague starts.

SME said...

Yeah, if Earth was going to be screened for entry into some Universal Federation solely by our TV shows and movie stars, we'd be screwed.