Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just Another Day: CIA Terrorism and Monkey Mind Melds

I had an OK 31st birthday, but over dinner Richard and I got into a stupid debate over the CIA and other intel agencies. I say that when large-scale terror attacks occur, terrorists should be the prime suspects; Richard says intel agencies should be the #1 suspects, because they're better at it. However, during the debate it sounded more like he was saying the CIA should be the only suspect, and I seemed to be saying that intel agencies should never be suspect, and we both got highly annoyed with each other. Only on the walk home did we cool down enough (figuratively and literally) to realize what we were really saying.

Welcome to my world. Don't get me wrong, I like Richard's Truther associates and the Targeted Individuals who visit Swallowing the Camel, but it's not always easy living in a world where the existence of orgone energy, chemtrails, and "pole shifts" is casually accepted. I'm often forced into the Debbie Downer role, trying to tell people as gently and kindly as I can that no, there is really no evidence that monkeys are telepathic. This kind of sucks. It's like being Richard Dawkins at the church picnic. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother, and I have to remind myself that if we don't confront misinformation now, people will be hearing about those mythical monkeys and looking at stupid chemtrail photos for the next 100 years.

Today I had a theatre meeting. The Edmonton one-act competition will be awfully thin this year; out of about 20 interested theatre companies, only 3 came through with confirmations. I don't know if the economic downturn has scared people away from dramatic endeavours, or if it's just a creatively fallow year for some people, or what. It's a bit of a downer. There are usually 6-8 companies or individuals competing.


Candy Minx said...

Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory"? It's a way to feel lighter about science, nerds and conspiracies. It's funny as hell. Hope your cold isn't too nasty.

SME said...

I'll have to give that show a try. I used to get my conspiracy giggles from Dale Gribble on King of the Hill, but it's been cancelled. :(

I think the cold's in retreat, knock wood.