Thursday, February 12, 2009

[assorted interpretive gestures]

This cold was unfun. I've spent the last three days propped on the couch re-reading Into the Wild and Into Thin Air, watching whatever happens to be on TV (including the weird, existential dramas filmed in Montreal during the '60s that the Silver Screen channel runs in the wee hours), and eating next to nothing because I can't taste anything. But I must be recovering now, 'cause I'm feeling incredibly housebound and am even kind of disappointed that I missed out on the big mime controversy that erupted earlier this week. The short version is, a mime wanted to enter his anti-war show in this year's regional one-act competition, but the script he submitted didn't have any dialogue (duh). Since the plays are supposed to be judged on the interpretation of their scripts, there was uncertainty as to whether the mime could compete or not. After a lot of wrangling, it was decided he could perform but not compete. So we still have to watch the mime. Damn.

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sp said...

Hope you feel better. Sounds like I need to get Silver Screen.