Friday, February 20, 2009


This has not been a good week. We learned that a family friend in Florida, who was only 36, apparently killed himself earlier this month. He was an incredibly happy person who didn't show any signs of being troubled, but police say he lit his car on fire, then shot himself. It's rather suspect.

Also this week, a local friend was taking his annual vacation in Thailand when he received a call from his son, telling him to come home. His 29-year-old daughter had died in her sleep on the family couch, possibly from an accidental overdose of psych meds. She left behind a 7-year-old daughter. When our friend returned home, his son disappeared; since he has a recent history of drug addiction, it's assumed he's on a binge. We'll be going to the funeral on Sunday.

Update: The son showed up sometime on Friday and seems to be OK, other than being devastated over his sister's death. I think they were very close.
The little girl doesn't seem to have totally grasped what happened yet. She just knows that her mom went to sleep and never woke up.


tweetey30 said...

AWW SME I am sorry to hear this. Its a sad thing to lose a friend and esp when they leave little ones behind beccaus there are always questions that cant be answered..

tshsmom said...

Suicide would be more believable if they'd found the gun!

BTW, I got my 3rd death yesterday. Janet's Aunt Donna died. She had Alzheimers, so it was a blessing.
To top things off, Janet broke her foot and is in a wheelchair. :(

SME said...

Thanks, Tweets. What makes it hardest is that these were both young people with so much ahead of them, and in a lot of ways they were very happy.

Mom, I guess that's your third. Poor Janet! She's always got a lot on her plate, it sounds like.

I wrote to Dawn today. After writing to Angel it was easier. I still haven't talked to Angel, though, I just told her to send me her new number. I only had her old Ontario one.

sp said...

I'm so sorry.