Friday, February 06, 2009

You Learn Something New Every Day (Unfortunately)

Did you know the Prohibition Party is still active in the U.S.? According to its website, the Party is against commercial gambling, the "homosexual agenda", pornography, and the commercial sale of alcohol and "other harmful drugs".

Sounds like a party! If a party involves eating dry whole-wheat toast and watching The Joy of Painting.

You'll be relieved to know that the Prohibition presidential candidate, Gene Amondsen, received a whopping 658 votes.


Anonymous said...

More things you never thought anyone knew about the recent history Prohibition Party.

There was a party split in 2004. One part of the party became convinced that the presidential candidate for the party since 1976 -- Earl Dodge -- was running the party basically as a campaign button and paraphenilia junket. So they walked out of the convention, in... well, Earl Dodge's kitchen. The splinter faction of 8 people nominated Ambondson, and there were two Prohibition Partiess running in 2004.

Okay, I just looked up the wikipedia article on the Prohbition Party. The wikipedia article is weighted rather absurdly heavily to the splintering, and its relaying comes off as a one-sided attempt by the anti-Dodge faction, with pretty glaring editorializing.
But even still amuing effects:

In 2007, the two separate Parties held separate nominating conventions. The Dodge group again kept secret their low attendance, perhaps some three or so. The public was not invited.

In contrast, the historic Party welcomed the public, and had over ten times the attendance.

SME said...

Oh, that is hilarious.

I'm tempted to join now, just because I feel sorry for them. Any party that has been reduced to a "campaign button and paraphernilia junket" needs some help. They're like the U.S. version of Social Credit.

tweetey30 said...

That is funny. I am having a hard time typing.I am heading off to bed..

tshsmom said...

Rather pathetic, aren't they? ;)