Friday, March 20, 2009

Go Away, Galloway

Quite a few Canadians are spitting mad that British MP George Galloway (Respect) is being barred from Canada for admittedly supporting a terrorist organization. Specifically, he provided vehicles to members of Hamas. He is also an enthusiastic defender/supporter of Hezbollah. He's also been agitating for the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt. In the past, he has expressed deep admiration for Saddam Hussein and the Taliban. *Other than that*, I'm sure he's a nice guy.

Yes, I know, Hamas was democratically elected. That means it's a democratically elected terrorist organization, nothing more. Argue with me if you want - I'm just stating a fact. And let's not forget that Mubarak, whether you like him or not, was also democratically elected.

The only thing that's truly interesting about the Galloway controversy is that most of the Canadians rallying in support of Galloway also called for the arrest of George W. as a war criminal last week. They want the law to be unevenly applied; let terrorist supporters in, but keep war criminals out.

And it is legal for Canada's Border Security Agency and immigration offiicials to bar terrorist supporters from entering the country. They did it to Bill Ayers, who despite his professorship and currently bourgeois lifestyle is, after all, a guy who used to blow up buildings and aspire to otherthrow the democratically elected U.S. government. Sure, he's said, "Oopsy, my bad", but that doesn't change much.

Sorry, Mr. Galloway. You made your choice, and you'll just have to forfeit a few speaker's fees. Boo frickity hoo.


The Zombieslayer said...

LOL. Love your style of sarcasm.

Galloway sounds like one of those idealistic idiots who has no idea how reality works. I'm sure if he had a few hours with the Taliban, they'd chop his head off. He'd probÄbly like that.

(I have no idea how that thingie ended up over that "a" but I'm going to keep it there because it looks cool.)

tshsmom said...

Zionist! *grin*

It's sad that so many Truthers and other conspiranoids believe that Zionists are behind the NWO. This causes them to back anyone who opposes the Zionists, including the Taliban and al-Qeada. Terrorists eat that shit up with a spoon!

Good for Canada! Do you know if the US has had guts enough to ban Galloway?

ZS, I can't imagine where she got that sarcastic wit! ;)
I typed a bunch a a's and I didn't get ONE cool thingy over mine. *pout*

SME said...

Hey, where are those funky symbols when I'm trying to spell German names?! Not fair.

Galloway's still allowed in the U.S., and that's probably where he'll be visiting next if his lawsuit or whatever doesn't work out for him. Sorry. :(

The problem with always fighting for the underdog is that some underdogs are total a-holes. Just because you're in the minority doesn't automatically make you right.

Hawkeyi's Prairie Home Companion said...

George Galloway , welcome in my Canada anytime! I think we got it mixed up here...George Bush is the criminal, George Galloway is a humanitarian and a man of reason!

tshsmom said...

I didn't figure we'd ban him. We can put little old ladies and 7-yr-old kids on the "don't fly list", but we won't ban a proven terrorist supporter. :(

Hi RD! Spoken like a died-in-the-wool truther. Where's my $5? ;)