Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blase Thursday

There's nothing particularly interesting going on with me this week, but I figured I should update.

- Richard's quite stressed over the 9/11 conference, which is less than a month away. He doesn't think the group has been active enough in promoting it. I'm a little nervous, too; after last year's speakers, I'm wondering if this year's speakers will also start to act loopy as soon as they get home. Maybe he should give them contracts to sign that read, "I will not beat my children and get a restraining order taken out on me immediately after this conference, nor will I piss off a lot of Jewish people, nor will I threaten to leave the country because it's 'run by Zionists'."

- I watched the first part of Victorian Romance Emma the other day and really enjoyed it. It's like an anime Upstairs Downstairs.

- It feels a little like spring, finally! Hopefully this will last awhile, so I can take Sophie for a walk and work off some of that winter fat. She's a butterball. And she's getting very bold when it comes to snagging treats. The other day I set a bowl of tortilla chips on the coffeetable, and before I'd even removed my hand from it, Sophie raced up, stuck her paw in the bowl, tipped it over just enough to grap a chip, then ran like hell.


Candy Minx said...

Oh I loved taking my bunny for a walk. I'm so gald it's warming up a little for you there. I'm going to have to back track and find out about the 9/11 conference...mysterious!

SME said...

Richard thought walking the bunny would be great, 'cause all the cute girls would flock to him. But it's mostly old men and the gay concierge at the hotel across the street who want to pet her...