Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Couldn't they have stalled another 6 months? Who really wants government machinery to operate in a timely, efficient manner?
*end sarcasm*


tshsmom said...

Now we FINALLY have equal representation in the Senate!! What a friggin' joke Coleman made of this process!

Candy Minx said...

That was crazy huh? Colbert and Stewart were pretty funny about that.

How about Sarah Palin? I thought she said she was a pit bull with lipstick...now she is all worn out because of "the media" is blood sport. Sheesh, good thing she didn't make it to the white house. She has quit every political position she has had.

Meanwhile...it's kind of interesting to see that in 150 days Obama's cabinet has been multi-tasking. I hope he can pull off all his goals. They are starting to freak about the cost of health care...but I hope they persevere!

SME said...

Omigod, if Palin really runs in '12 I'm not watching TV or listening to the radio again, ever. She is the most vapid and obnoxious and creepy-cheerful *politician* I've ever seen. She's like a character they forgot to add to Fargo. You just know she has to have some evil or crazy alter ego, 'cause no one can be that "okey-dokey, artichokey" all the time. At least I hope not.

Obama has so many obstacles, so much resistance to change (even good change) in his path. He's tough and I think he can make it, but it's gonna be a long haul for him.