Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nothing but Good News

Some of Ron Mueck's sculptures are on display at the Edmonton art gallery!!! Even tho I have a year's membership, I haven't been there since late May or early June and had no idea about this exhibit until I glimpsed a poster on my way to the store. I thought the gallery didn't have quite enough floor space for a Mueck exhibit, but now that I think of it, I've seen some pretty big installations even at the temporary gallery.
I'm so excited!!!! I might be hopping up and down at the doors when the gallery opens tomorrow.

And that's not all. After all the bad news of the first half of the year, there's been nothing but good news this month. My good friends Rachel and Dana in Minnesota are expecting a baby, my friend Rebecca is due to deliver a girl early next month, and our buddy Bob just got married to a lovely Thai lady with a little daughter who's close in age to the granddaughter he's raising. Ah, the circle of life!


tshsmom said...

I'm sooo jealous!! I'd love to see that exhibit!

I gotta start shopping for loud and messy toys. I've had to wait a LONG time to wreak my revenge upon Dana! ;)

MC said...

The show has been justifiably savaged by Edmonton's art critics... but, to each their own!

SME said...

Well, I don't really expect hyperreal art to get much respect. People think, "Oh, great, you've created something that looks exactly like something else. So what?" and "Show me an amorphous thingamajig made of laquered monkey toenails - then I'll be impressed."