Thursday, July 02, 2009

The World of Lenon Honor

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It is an irreducible fact of life that if you say really weird shit in public, people will poke fun at you.

Lenon Honor is a dude who analyzes pop culture in search of subliminal Satanic/Illuminati/sexual symbolism that he says is being used to pervert society. And he finds it. In spades. He has unearthed the real meaning of the song "Umbrella" (umbrella=vagina) and the remake of Angels in the Outfield (pure Satanic pedophilia and homosexuality from start to finish).

In short, he is batsh** insane. He even has his own convoluted cosmology, featuring reptilian demon-gods and a messianic figure he calls Oro Oyogomunde. He says the minds of mankind are controlled by The Cube. TV? No. He writes:

"It is an umbrella. The Cube is evil. It has manipulated and controlled the minds of hundreds of millions, if not billions of human beings throughout known time."

Wait, what? You mean The Cube? Or evil? Or umbrellas? Are umbrellas still vaginas in this context?

Welcome to the world of Lenon Honor.

The cartoons above are a little taste of Honor's film Demons in the Outfield, available at his website. While not literally representative of what's in the film, it's pretty close (sorry 'bout the quality; scanner's not working). He begins by explaining that many systems do the work of The Cube, perpetuating the "tenants [sic] of the superstructure that envelopes the world". Disney is one such system. "There is something evil taking place. You may have already sensed its trepadation [sic]."

He begins with the packaging of the video. The Disney logo contains three 6s. G, as in Rated G, is a Freemasonic symbol.
On to the movie. Honor shows us a short scene up to six times to get his points across, as when a creepy dad played by Dermot Mulroney grabs his son's bellyfat "in an awkward way" and appears to let his eyes linger on his genital region. Since the dad character is creepy, rude, absent from his son's life, and smoking a cigarette, he is clearly not intended to be the hero of the film, but to Honor this is the first of many examples of how Disney is trying to "manipulate and influence the minds of humanity so that all of humanity will accept and partake in Pedophilia." He never quite explains why Disney (or anyone else, for that matter), would want everyone to become child molesters. Only The Cube knows.

In another scene, a ballplayer played by Tony Danza sits in a tub flexing his sore pitching hand, a "symbolic representation of any erect penis."
"How's the arm?" Adrian Brody's character asks.
"It's feeling strong." This means "My penis is erect."

Several scenes include a "fat woman in red" in the background, and even though she plays no role in the action, Honor singles her out for extreme scrutiny. She shouldn't have her legs open, an infinitesimal amount of her cleavage shouldn't be visible in an overhead shot, her breasts shouldn't be used as a backdrop for the boys seated in front of her, just as another pair shouldn't be visible (but blurry) behind Christopher Lloyd. Breasts just shouldn't be in movies at all, I guess. Later, Honor plays one shot of a boy plopping down in front of the lady in red over and over in slo mo, to show us that he's being symbolically raped by the woman.
One segment featuring "androgynous pedophile" Taylor Negron is titled Anal Penetration Via Nachos.
That's how much sense this film makes.

Yet, somehow, Demons in the Outfield Revisited makes even less sense. Honor spends an inordinate amount of time trying to convince us that Danny Glover (star of Angels in the Outfield) and Oprah Winfrey are actually pedophiles, then painstakingly but awkwardly building an argument that Hollywood creates "character arcs" for its most popular actors as a means of convincing us that bad behaviour is good behaviour. For instance, he says Denzel Washington played heroes for roughly half his career, culminating in his portrayal of Malcolm X in Spike Lee's eponymous film. Then his characters took a turn for the worse: the jazz musician in Mo' Better Blues, the detective in the "Satanic" film Fallen (actually a classic good-vs-evil supernatural thriller, but never mind), the "pedophile" in Man on Fire (actually about a cop protecting a little girl), and finally the corrupt cop in Training Day. Too bad that Honor made his movie before the Pelham 123 remake, 'cause that definitely places him back in the hero portion of the arc. Anyway, the point he's trying to get across is that Hollywood gets us to identify one particular actor with heroism, then slowly conditions us to accept depraved behaviour by placing him in increasingly debauched roles. I would guess that Denzel just wants to break out of typecasting and test his considerable skills, but what would I know? I'm in thrall to The Cube, whatever it is.

Lenon Honor really doesn't like Training Day. In fact, he hates it so much that he tells us Malcolm X was assassinated twice: Once in the Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965, and again on October 5, 2001 - the day Training Day was released. And he ties this in to the Disney-sponsored debasement of Britney Spears, leading to perhaps the best line in the Demons films:

"Some may say that Britney Spears and Malcolm X have nothing in common."

Honor's seven-part series What Lies in Plain Sight is an analysis of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" song and video, which is of course a thinly veiled homosexual gang initiation.

When not overanalyzing the hell out of music vids and making "films", Mr. Honor likes to play the flute and pose with bizarre hand-lettered signs. You can see more of his special brand of insanity on his YouTube channel or on his website,


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Whoa! Dudes like this make me feel so normal.

tshsmom said...

Honor gives a whole new meaning to WTF! ;)

Z-kid keeps searching for the meaning to "the cube". I don't think there is one.

I still say that Danny Glover and Oprah should sue honor for defamation of character.

SME said...

I will not rest until I know everything there is to know about The Cube. ;D

A few people should sue Lenon Honor, but they won't get any money out of him. Dude can't afford posterboard for his funky signs.

Shaddowerr said...

Let the lenon-dude speaks. How can you know what a dude thinks unless you let him express him-self? Would you laugh of him now or did you would know about his existence if he was deciding to be quiet? Surely not.
He is a good christian, you can see that from a mille without binocculars, he is trying to revive a convalescence dogma by shooting into a chosen enemy, he thinks music and film industry is his foe, I wish him good-luck, he will need it in the future, the church is dying anyway.
If I splash "mud" in the 3 ante-speakers perhaps they should sue me too? And by the way, as a client you are a "liability" for your advocate because you need him to settle your affairs, so post you in the possition of a cripple-man worthy of contempt. I think you all should read more books than watch tv or "dive" on internet, will give you a true reason before you speak and try not to mettle other persons in your affairs, is not good for your health. You can read books on your computer, by the way.
I must congratulate the creator of this blog, his views are wanderfully clear.
E pluribus unum.

p.s. speaking of "normal" dont be too happy about this common state.
p.s.2 I know for sure many will not understand my message, I like to coquet with the ideea there are some people out there still able to see the beauty of philosophy.

Shaddowerr said...

Almost forgot: he is afro-american, he mime singing and better view his web page for a full psichological profile. My guess is that he is just for the show in this, for fame and glory and pehaps a few bucks here and there. There are many individuals like him just playing the game, is not particullary obligatory to know what they are talking about, just mime and copy, everybody has a mouth, hasnt they? Its there and is supposed to USE it, right?

Spot said...

I think that people should watch his films and critically analysis what he is talking about. It is not wise to believe anyone word for word by I think to call what he says "crazy" may also be somewhat closeminded. I have seen his films and I think they make some valid points. I do not think this review of his work is fair.

Walt Disney is a proven racist so is it really that unbelievable that he might be a pedophile? King Louie from "The Jungle Book" was clearly making fun of Louis Armstrong. And the black crows in "Jumbo" are clearly supposed to represent black people. Like Paul Mooney said, "Am I supposed to think those are French birds?"

Spot said...

Also, in the story about cosmology he clearly states in the beginning is not a true story. It is only a respresent concepts of how reality works and should not be taken literally. I do not think Lenon thinks there is some person named Oro whatever floating around in space.

Again, this in another example of how this review of Lenon's work is at best a poor representation of his messages and at worst intentionally deceptive.

Anonymous said...

You should check out his read of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video before you criticize him further.

Anonymous said...

lewis carroll was a pedophile, ALICE. @ barbara, by normal do you mean stupid?

Illuminus said...

Amazing ,to see how people have no respect for Unique Spiritual People . This Blog Troll ,left out he's a Family Man and so on . Blogger Guy ,you know not what you speak of, its funny how your Followers Are not too far Behind .I bet they never research or heard Of My Brother Lenon Honor. Check his Work out with Open Eyes , if it does not Resonate with you,Than Leave it alone and move on. Thats all.

But,its kool you are only Giving Lenon More Promotion , Thank You . I will also Say,Lenon Is not Insane,Not Crazy,Not Out of His Mind.Your Just not Ready for this Outformation,your Programing is to strong and will not allow you to Process what Lenon Has to Offer . Oh and Btw ,Lenon is also Very Diplomatic.

Watch ,Listen to His Films and do some Deep thinking,Look with Open eyes.don't be quick to Judge and name call ,Just because you don't over stand.
And Blogger Troll(you might be an agent Of Bull shit)so it does not matter to you .
But, if your not, than I hope you find your way , be well

Illuminus said...

The Story of The Golden God Of the World Is Alagory . This blog and Attack on Lenon is truly Deceptive Indeed

Anonymous said...

Lenon Honor a Christian? lmao!!!!! I suppose you didn't even see most of his films. He states very clearly that he is not a Christian or participates in any "organized" religion. This blog exemplifies small mindedness, judgemental and very ill-informed drivel. It's also amazing how the blog writer signs in under different names to make various comments on his own blog!!!! Hahahah how desparate is that? Wow!!!!!

NKYBW said...

wow, if i were new to Lenon Honor and read your blog for the first time I'd by all means run and check out his work! by the way this is written i can tell you haven't truly sat through his films from start to finish. one does NOT have to agree on every point in his analysis but i'm so sure that we all will find something that resonates. that is of course if you are of sound mind and reasoning... which so happens to look as if you are missing those two elements.

leave judgement to Ma'at please. as you're not fit to analyze anything especially if you can't sit through it. most if not all of the points lenon makes in his films are verifiable via books on the occult or the good ole internet. this is why i find your blog senseless and inflammatory.

why not go on over to the huffington post or some media controlled blog and critique it's work in the same fashion? why must we tear down the positive spirited people who are working for the good of humanity?? matter of fact why not join us on sunday via skype and share your concerns directly with lenon? why make a negative post/blog about someone ELSE's perception & analysis?? we either agree or disagree, no harm done. all of this extra hate is unnecessary, yet it does provide lenon the press he deserves to spread this message even further.

so on behalf of the HONOR.. i'd like to say a personal THANK YOU! thank you for writing this blog to show how much you truly care about Lenon & his message.

-peace & blessings-

Shaddowerr said...

I started another storm, peachyyy!!!

I am a masochist therefore I am ... what? in your ineffable logic?

I must admit, people posting here amuses me, trying to show off their own "inteligentia", as if it matter what they really think. What they hope? Becoming a "star" over night? :-D

Hey,Rabbit-dude, you owe me BIG, for free entertainment. :-D

Anonymous said...

You don't have to go to "church" to be a christian. And the "christians" do not lie? So you believe that he is telling the truth about his religious affiliations? This would be a good joke and a premiere.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to go to "church" to be a christian. And the "christians" do not lie? So you believe that he is telling the truth about his religious affiliations? This would be a good joke and a premiere.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Honor is over-zealous and projects his own underlying sexual misconceptions/frustrations onto everthing else like many others in the conservative conspiracy arena do who have rooted problems with sexuality (freeman, swerdlow, rense, maxwell, marrs etc.). They all play the white knights but in the end all they do is pushing an unnatural ego-based dogma.

Shaddowerr said...

WAS a family member. His wife left him therefore my ante-speaker is right about his sexual frustrations, his SAga of Anger so begins.
I don't know about the rest though, I need more research in that direction to understand their point of views.
What Bro Illuminus said is interesting, very peculiar indeed. :hmm:

Personally, I've seen his movies from the first day I posted here. Good for him he is doing something debatable for the masses.

Anonymous said...

Lenon is still with his wife and four kids. You clearly don't know the man your judging.

Shaddowerr said...

Could you provide the source of that information, please? Except his own site?
4 kids, has he now? I knew there was just one girl. Perhaps in a few months he will have 7 kids? :-D :-D
This is a good one indeed. :-D A true saint ready to be canonized.
Let's bitch around this subject, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Now mister "shadow" here may have a point. Think about it, for many of you could be a first. He only shows a picture with ONE child and he says he has FOUR? Why not post a photograph with his whole family, mother, father and children, to show how proud he is with his family? And second he speaks against "star-trek" agenda and he is dressing like a fan, showing himself into galactic uniform? You are all duped babes, all his followers, this guy frame you BIG. And third: how he knows all this s..t?
He blame the society for his failure and now he wants revenge.

Anonymous said...

I have a little message for those with "peace and blessings" in their mouths. I will shove a gun in that hole, I will choose which one, to cut the crap from their slimy faces, to see how they shit themselves in their pants and to let them understand that big mouth of theirs brought them only troubles and talking is not enough.
War and death to you all!!!

P.S. And cut the crap with the insecure psychology, I have a PhD in that field, I just begin to be irritated by the multitude of shit-heads in this world, talking and talking and ...

NoHalfSteppin said...

I haven't watch the BEAT IT analysis, but I did watch the UMBRELLA. I do not hold his same beliefs at all, but the UMBRELLA break down is interesting. Anyone who believes there is NO evil intent by entertainers need to wake up & research! He is a VERY strange dude, but he did a decent job on UMBRELLA...just took too long to get to the point!

@tshsmom; OPRAH makes Lenon Honor seem VERY normal! She can't figure out if she is a Christian or sort of a Christian or other.

Anonymous said...

I cant stand people that gain a sense of intelligence and importance by only thinking in the box that they were originally put in.

Regurgitating the views of other supposedly rational minds (this is reality, all else is "batshit, insane")

The lunatic fringe is far more interesting.


Anonymous said...

why is he insane? cuz his brain is working? he talks a lot about the hive mindset people our comforming to and some of these disrespectful comments feel really creepy.yeah-he's crazy,there's no secret government,lee harvey did it,911 was an american tragedy,kill the arabs,go to walmart,stuff cheeseburgers down your cowardly faces,go watch american idol and stay slaves

LarryC said...

I came across some of Lenon Honor's videos and found them very thought-provoking, though I certainly wouldn't say I agree with him about everything. I would caution people to at least check something out for yourself rather than believe what conventional and mainstream people tell you. It's very easy to assume that everything is just as it appears and that if you question it you are "crazy" or "abnormal." Life may be a lot weirder than you think. The "cube" is probably just a metaphor, like the matrix, and not a bad one to describe a reality where you are programmed rather than think for yourself.

Michael said...

It is called Arketype language and is used subliminal messages in all movies.

something that you sleeping sheeple dont seem to percept

Anonymous said...

Why do people always criticize that of which they do not understand? Make fun all you want, because that's your perrogative, but your mind is very closed and child-like.

The world is in trouble and well I don't know if everything or anything he says is right or true but what are YOU doing to change the world or give people positive thoughts? :)

Anonymous said...

This man is speaking the truth and he sends nothing but peace and love to all even tho people may bash his ideas. If you honestly think nothing is going on in Hollyweird like old farts rapeing any new face set out to be a star rather boy or girl then you are what you eat(dumbasshit).Half of them either end up on drugs or dead because they cant stand the pressure.Evil is real and we are all adults (i hope)and we should know right from wrong by now, so why is it when someone talks with sense we are quick to call that person crazy because they say something different from what the masses are saying, but yet when lil wayne or a jayz says fuck hoes or kill murder him and her we run out and buy their cd and blog great reviews but the person that makes sense we encourage people to run away from whats right.

TJNEV866 said...

I watched some of his videos and I think I may be stupider. My head hurts and I don't know what the cube is. He makes me sick.

meta0747 said...

Lenon Honor is the Truth. Might not be your Truth, but the man is doing his best to be open and down right intellectual about his investigations and understandings...

Thank You Lenon Honor

Laserjet said...

Well Honor made some impressive vids but the last one is terrible and is taking so much time, you do not want to wait anymore.
The level is so low that I started to wonder if he was the maker of his previous vids!!?
I was also wondering whether he was using programming to, by repeating on and on and on before he finally moves on to another topic in his vids!
The way he looks/dives in star trek, if you put anything under a looking glass like that, you will notice quite a lot of shit on anything.

His followers believe the crap he tells them, a breeder 4 kids or more, no solid income or job, thrives apparently on unstable donations, I mean what kind of idiot would do that to a family, what woman would accept that from her partner.
You could also say:
Now what kind of manhood do you call that. What kind of womanhood would accept that.
What parent does this stuff to their children?
Maybe you should ask your children that question when they are grown up. Because they are not you.

But I doubt that Mr. Honor or Ms. Honor do not ask these questions on their radio shows.
No they have a view and that view needs to be spread over this earth.
Every nitty gritty shit got it's own radio show with what 25-50 maybe let me be nice 100 people who listen??

Just focus on your own life and stop stealing other peoples time with your never ending vids and radio shows. Have a great life, the one you can call your own.

Anonymous said...

this blog is NOT worth a second visit...just one man's opinion

Just_My_2 said...

I am in the process of watching Mr. Honor's fims. While I do not completely agree with each and every point he makes, he does make a lot of valid points. Regardless of what he personally feels is the correct interpretation of the images he (along with the rest of us) is seeing, imo he would rather us not take things at face value and draw our own conclusions. He says as much at the beginning of one of his films. Considering the state of the world today and the fact that things seem only to be getting worse, it only makes sense that somehow our evolvement as people has gone astray. Keep that in mind as you watch, read or listening to everything (including Mr. Honor's videos) being given to you today. If nothing else Mr. Honor's films should challange you to think outside the box and make your own opions. If something feels evil, sounds evil, looks evil, etc... it most likely is. Even the direct attacks on those whose opions do not match our own. :~)

S.M. Elliott said...

You're right. Lenon Honor's brilliant analysis of "anal penetration by nachos" in Angels in the Outfield opened my eyes. I understand everything now. Thanks to Mr. Honor, I also realize that Michael Jackson might have been gay. I had no idea. I HAVE MY VISION BACK.

Can anyone explain "The Cube" Honor mentions, BTW? That's the one thing he talks about that makes no sense to me. Any insight would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

of all this, not 1 person speaks of the cube, it is SYMBOLIC of many things, yes 1 interpretation would include the TV, but obviously the main reference is to the "box" our minds have been placed in. also wow umbrella's MAIN definition is CONTROL wow its like people didnt even watch i swear, if uve watched walts first work with alice visiting the studio and didnt say wtf when that little girl touched herself, before he even pointed it out then there is something TERRIBLY wrong with you

Anonymous said...

I doubt you've watched his stuff attentively. There is many misconceptions about his work in your writing. I bet if i watch pelham 123 there will be many ways denzel expresses unjust morales to achieve the hero figure. Instead of criticizing others and trying to change them, look inside YOURSELF and make the change there.

Just_Some_Lady said...

I agree with this blogger...I just wasted over 2 hours of my life watching Honor's "The Early Works of Walt Disney: The Foundations of a Pedophilic Institution"...most of his claims are so far fetched that it is ridiculous...I think the one that most offended me was the fact he spoke about how the only honorable role for a women is being a mother...and what if some women, like myself, can not become mothers? What then..are we not as honorable or "womanly" as those that can produce children..and how he says that women should not be portrayed as being masculine, i.e. as being strong, decisive beings who are able to speak for themselves without the need of a man(then they of course are a lesbian and a whore -.-)so stupid..ugh this guy makes me sick..and I had to FORCE myself to watch all of that 'film' if that's what you want to call it..also the way he says 'asked/ask/asks' really irritates me. >_< Anyways I digress...I think he has a point on some of the racism concepts of Walt's earlier work..but I think he is reading WAY to much into the pedophilia, I didn't see anything that resembled pediophilic behavior...other than perhaps the little girl dressed like a grown women...OH! and the 'Anal Penetration' he spoke about was just plain idiotic. In all honesty..I think perhaps he, himself, may have this sort of mindset to think these things are sexual in nature..he's a fool and shouldn't be allowed to use a computer let alone the internet to spread his vast amount of bullshit to the hungry buffoons that willingly eat it right up..*sighs*

S.M. Elliott said...

FINALLY. I've been waiting a looong time for anyone to say something sensible on this post. I respect Honor's right to say whatever crazy crap that pops into his head, or to see perverts everywhere he looks, or to invent his own gods, but there is not one good reason why I should take him seriously when he tries to turn a kiddie baseball flick into hardcore Satanic porn by weirdly reinterpreting everything from slapstick pratfalls to awkward camera angles. And his ideas about women are almost Medieval, which was already apparent from the way he treated the "fat woman in the red dress", who was clearly just an extra with absolutely no significance to the movie's storyline. I have to wonder about the thought process of someone who finds sinister sexual imagery in literally everything he sees. I'm sure he could find weird perverted overtones in a Kleenex commercial.

S.M. Elliott said...

And I STILL don't know what The Cube is!! If ya'll are such big fans, you should clue us in!

Anonymous said...

The cube = the television which is cube shaped

S.M. Elliott said...

That can't be right. TV hasn't existed "throughout known time". And TVs are flat screen now.

Anonymous said...

you obviously need some time to Grow. Don't worry about Oyo right now. Worry about what is happening that he really does a good job of compiling.
And when someone breaks the spell, I see most are not ready, with all the insults. Exactly the reaction of the emotional slave.

S.M. Elliott said...

If I "Grow", will someone finally bother to tell me what The Cube is?

I'm starting to suspect that maybe you guys don't know what it is, either...

Not that it really matters. I don't think I could ever be a fan of Mr. Honor if he doesn't apologize to Danny Glover.

Anonymous said...

i think this guy has some homosexual or pedophillic fantsies with the way he talks about only that. he is sick, i agree there are evil's in the media and entertainment industry, but what hes doing is just stupid and proves how bored and lonely he is. he overanalyzes way too much. if you havent seen the beat it interpretation, DONT, cause its so retarded you will feel your brain cells dying in your fucking head.

fL@eY said...

Lenon Honor opened my eyes in some points, but in the other hand, i can just say that he is demon possessed because he denies the divinity of Jesus-Christ! The, he practices demonic activities such as transcendental meditation, Reiki, Yoga, and other forms of oriental mysticism. You know that the devil can give you 99% of the truth, but a 1% of lies which can ultimately destroy you. In other words, Lenon Honor is not saved! He has to be saved, he has to receive Jesus Christ in his heart, otherwise he won't get into heaven! Just as Jesus Christ said that if someone is not born again, he cannot get into heaven (Jn 3:18)

Anonymous said...

I think Lenon Honor is an honorable man.

If you watch the movies through, you will see that he speaks of Oro Oyogomunde as having created this world. Then he reveals at the end that it is Lucifer.

This jibes with what the bible says, as the bible says that the earth is the devil's kingdom.

Last, just saw a video last night, and it has Lenon, his wife and I think 5 kids. Three boys and two girls. Very lovely family. No one is perfect, but when watching you can see past their chit chat, and see how they are peaceful, loving, and warm to their kids.

They are homeschooling their kids, work hard, and even work past their little world, to help people in the rest of the world awaken.

That is the true test of a compassionate person, they put others first.

Bless the Honor family.

Anonymous said...

What if he's right

fL@eY said...

This is the letter i writed to Lenon Honor :

Good morning Lenon, i'm one of your former follower. I used to like what you produce like documentaries. You contribuited to open my eyes about what really happens in the spiritual world. BUT... there's a big BUT! You deny Jesus Christ as the savior of humanity. Let me tell you something, whatever you do, if you don't confess Jesus-Christ as your saviour, you are just making your path straight to hell. Dear Lenon, you're an antichrist, i'm sorry to tell you that truth, God says : "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son."(1 Jn 2:22) You pubblicly denied Jesus-Christ at least Twice!! In your documentary about "The creator, the gods and manipulation of humanity" you mention Jesus as a demonic entity, then in "The workings of Evil" you repeated this procedure. Then in "What lies in plain sight" you adviced us to read Jordan Maxwell, this antichrist. Then you also said that Prayer is a bad thing, you said that no one need to pray at all.

Then, you practice demonic arts like Reiki, Transcendental meditation which allows you to bring demons into your body, doing so you're deceived by these spirits who give you a false sense of security and peace. Lenon, you're just a new ager, you're bringing the reign of the antichrist in the sense that you deceive people to think that they just have to follow a similar path of yours. Please brother, find Jesus-Christ before it's to late for you, i saw that you're a spiritual advisor, you're just bringing more souls to the devil because of your new age teachings. I used to appreciate you so much but today my duty is to warn people about your false doctrines. You'll soonly see a video about you on youtube, i'll warn christians and other to not follow your teachings, because you got a poison inside you. Repent before it's too late brother! See you soon! I repeat : Repent before it's to late for you and your family in front of the true God, father of Jesus-Christ!

Anonymous said...

Lenon Honor is the man...while I personally think he's a athiest,he's an absolute genius. f you ask me, the fact that he has no religious bias makes his works even stronger. People of all races religions, and backgrounds can relate to his message. On a side notes I've watched nearly all of his videos and he in fact does have 5 children and they look DEAD on him. Watch the video thats based on hip hop and black manhood on youtube. Its at the very beginning. There's pictures also on his website.

Anonymous said...

The Dr. Seuss quote at the top of the page pretty much sums up this entire debate.