Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reasons to Smile

I'm taking a cue from Courtney at The Daily Cat Chase and listing some stuff that I'm enjoying right now. Which isn't much, since I'm sick and housebound. No word yet on whether we have Swine Flu or just a plain ol' flu, but whatever it is it sucks. For much of the past week I've been in a cross between a funk and a Nyquil-induced coma. But, there's a lightness in everybody's dark (to reverse Rocky Horror), so here's the stuff that has been cheering me up:

The awesomest playlist ever (for now): Two Uffie songs followed by three of the many different versions of "Not Over Yet" (original, The Klaxons, and Goldfrapp - Goldfrapp's being the best, all three are great in their own way). Then Crystal Castles, "Crimewave" live. Then "Spooky" by New Order, a couple Gnarls Barkley songs (including a fabulous cover of "Reckoner"), "Alice" by The Cocteau Twins (the song in the trailer for The Lovely Bones) and "This Rhythm" by Filthy Dukes (very kooky video - check it out!).

The latest Skeptic magazine. Always good cranky fun.

Lemon Ricola drops. Yum.

Scramble on Facebook. I might be addicted.


Wandering Coyote said...

Isn't Scramble great? I love it!

SME said...

It's a little too great - I can't stop. :S