Friday, September 18, 2009


Sophie's doing just fine and dandy now - she was apparently really, really constipated for a couple of days, and lost some weight because she was too uncomfortable to eat. But yesterday and today she's been pooping normally, inhaling hay by the bowlful, and gobbling up treats. I think she'll be OK. We just have to run her to the vet again on Monday to be weighed, to make sure she's not still dropping weight.
I wish I'd brought the camera to the vet. We stopped to let Sophie romp around in the grass on her new leash, and she was dragging Richard around just like a dog would. Then she'd flop down, stretch out her back feet, and nap in the sun for a while.
The car now has so much fur in it, you'd think we had some of those hairy seat covers that guys liked in the '80s.

After months of bullsh** withdrawal, Richard shelled out a few extra dollars a month to get Fox News just so he can watch Glenn Beck continue to lose his freaking mind. His show is like a stage production of Network. Particularly annoying are all the visual aids he's been using since moving to Fox. Is this because he knows his Fox News viewers aren't quite as sharp as his CNN audience, or does he just want to be the Carrot Top of political commentary? I dunno. Today, he actually laid out on the table in front of him a Twinkie, a glass of milk, and a glass of fruit punch. Then he proceeded to tear up Nancy Pelosi's comments about the bigotry and partisan violence she witnessed in San Francisco during the late '70s, without explaining the snacks. Finally, after he'd rambled for several minutes, he explained that they were supposed to represent Harvey Milk, Dan White's Twinkie defense, and the Kool-Aid of Jonestown. Srsly. It was like something a third-grade teacher would put together, if he happened to be batsh** insane and the kids happened to be unusually slow.


tweetey30 said...

Glad to hear the furball is doing good again. I have no idea who this dude is but its funny to hear that he really doesnt sound like someone would watch unless you are a dumb ass.. I understand where some one might find joy in watching this... I dont watch much tv anymore. Even with the converter box..

SME said...

I haven't been watching too much these days, either. I hate summer TV - all reruns and stupid crap for kids. At least Glenn Beck is entertaining (even though he doesn't mean to be).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Inadvertent hilarity can sometimes make watching crap tv all worth it. But like indulging in too much junk food, one quickly gets a tummy ache.

sp said...

Good news about Sophie.

I don't think I could watch that show. It might drive me make up my own batch of Kool Aid.

SME said...

Today's show was priceless - Beck drew a little factory with puffs of smoke coming out of its chimneys, with ART written on them, and a little stick figure inside the factory - which was supposed to be the NEA - was making a conference call to another little stick figure in a square house with OBAMA written over his head. This was supposed to expose the nefarious connections between that hotbed of subversion and corruption, the NEA, and the Marxist black nationalist who occupies the White House.

Beck gets paid for this. Good gawd.