Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I'm sorry to report that after filming, your Sim and Dad's came down with a nasty flu. The good news is it probably isn't H1N1.


tshsmom said...

I keep telling you guys that I'm the Queen! Now I have proof.

It's weird, but the Sims always know stuff about us. That shot where I'm sitting on the throne by the tree and Hairry is laying by the end of the do they know that Hairry's been laying there ever since we put in the new floor?

I don't know if Hairry would be happy with a brown girlfriend. He's pretty partial to his orange one. *giggle*


The Zombieslayer said...

That's sweet.

But queens don't do much? They do more than anyone else. They can go forwards, backwards, left, right, or even diagonally. Just being a smart ass. ;)

SME said...

Well, they do play in the bathtub. ;P

Sadly for Hairry's Sim, they just don't have any orange girlfriends. The closest they've got is bright yellow, and that color looks awful in your Sim living room!

tweetey30 said...

You peeps are weird....LOL...OK Happy Belated b-day mom..