Monday, May 17, 2010

File this under "crazy b**** gets crazier"

This is footage from the 2008 parole hearing of Diane Downs, the woman who shot her three children in 1983 and attempted to blame it on a carjacker who just happened to be standing on a deserted rural road in the middle of the night. As you'll probably guess after watching this, she's still in prison.
The book she's holding is All Night, All Day, Angels Watching Over Me, edited by Evelyn Bence. It has nothing whatsoever to do with State Department officials, so apparently the pictures were pasted into it. I have no idea if Susan Polk really have Downs this book or not, but they were in the same prison, and during her murder trial Polk tried to convince the jury that her late ex-husband was a Mossad agent (though he had never been to Israel).


tweetey30 said...

That is just plain weird.. if you ask me.. she has never seen this book before and/or this person and this abook about her and her family.. by someone else that supposedly killed someone yikes.. creepy...

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