Saturday, August 07, 2010

Caribbean Fest

I somehow manage to miss the Caribbean extraveganza every year (though it's right outside our door). This year I saw the entire parade. For the full effect you have to have the music, of course!


Captain Karen said...

I didn't make it this year. Funny, you're in the exact same spot mom and I were at last year!!!

tshsmom said...

How FUN!! I could really get into that.

tweetey30 said...

isnt it coool to look at. I love the pix she took.. maybe sometime we can plan a trip there around i dont know when since we are struggling now but maybe sometime in the

S.M. Elliott said...

I had to be in the shade! Doesn't make for the greatest pictures, but it makes life tolerable. ;D
I swear I'll never miss another Caribbean parade under any circumstances. It's just too much fun.

You're welcome any ol' time, Tweets! It would be great to show you guys our part of the world.