Friday, August 27, 2010

WTF is with this video?

Is it like The Ring? Will I be getting a phone call?

This creepy mess was posted to YouTube last year by a user calling him/herself "The Hounded Few". The implication seems to be that some monks at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota are abducting and drowning drunk college boys all over the world, then leaving spray-painted smiley faces as a calling card (the profoundly retarded Smiley Face Killers theory). I'm not sure, but The Hounded Few could be this guy, Pat Marker, who was abused by one of the monks. If so, then Mr. Marker is trying to blame the monks for pretty much every bad thing that has ever happened in the state of Minnesota. I guess this should include the bridge collapse, the Twins, and Tammy Faye.


tshsmom said...

We have monks? Who knew?
Can I hire the monks to take out the drunk kids I have to work with? We'd be doing society a favor. ;D

The Zombieslayer said...

Should it include the Vikings folding every few years as well?

Off topic, you mentioned you were doing some research on Satanism with Dungeons and Dragons (actually, crazy parents thinking their kids are Satanic because of D&D).

Well, here's the Tipper Gore quote from her book:

Chapter 6: Playing with Fire: Heavy Metal Satanism

p. 118:

"But like a cancer, satanism has come a long way since then, as heavy metal groups capitalized on a growing fascination with the occult. From THE EXORCIST to the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, Americans chased one occult fad after another. The popular Dungeons and Dragons game has sold eight million sets. The game is based on occultic plots, images, and characters which players "become" as they play the game. According to Mrs. Pat Pulling, founder of the organization Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons, the game has been linked to nearly fifty teenage suicides and homicides. Pulling's own son killed himself in 1982 after becoming deeply involved in the game through his school's gifted students program. A fellow-player threatened him with a "death curse," and he killed himself in response."

-Tipper Gore from her book RAISING PG KIDS IN AN X-RATED SOCIETY

The Zombieslayer said...

Nearly 50 teenage suicides/homicides? I love how they fail to find any REAL sources and instead quote urban legends. That's the Gore family for you. Pathological liars.

The thing that sucked about all this is 2nd edition of AD&D was a compromise to not be so controversial. It SUCKED, as any D&D expert could tell you. It was by far the worst D&D put out. By far.

So we did end up with censorship after all.

Wikipedia has a pretty good summary of it, saying some of the controversies but doesn't include how the actual people who played it felt. I hated the 2nd edition with a passion as a lot of us players did. They took the fun out of the game and it became more a chore than an adventure.

S.M. Elliott said...

@ Mom: I know! I was like, what monks? But apparently you've got a bunch of 'em. I guess you could tell the kids at work there's free beer at a monastery in Collegeville. Heh heh.

Sheesh. I've looked into a lot of these "D&D murders/suicides", and there's nothing to any of them. Bink Pulling was already seriously disturbed when the "death curse" supposedly pushed him to the edge, one kid killed his mother for the insurance money, another ran away because he had a lot of issues, etc. It's sad that they'd revise an entire game to "avoid" things that had nothing to do with the game in the first place.
Here's another ridiculous story: