Thursday, October 14, 2010

Christine O'Donnell & Witchcraft: We're Missing the Point

When a clip of Republican senate candidate Christine O'Donnell talking about a teenage flirtation with witchcraft on a 1999 Politically Incorrect surfaced, her many critics pounced on it immediately. But they used it in the wrong way. They used it to embarrass O'Donnell in front of her Republican cohorts and the voting public, implying that her squeaky-queen Christian image is tainted by witchcraft. What they should have done was point out the real reason why O'Donnell spoke about witchcraft in the first place: To smear witches (presumably Wiccans) as shady, sinister people who engage in ritual sacrifice.

But no one has done that, because sticking up for witches is not politically expedient. It's much more effective, and much more fun, to crow, "She used to be a witch!" and watch her squirm.

Meanwhile, the truth gets left behind in the dust. The truth is that Christine O'Donnell is a stupid bitch who doesn't know anything about religions other than her own, and pretended to have some knowledge of witchcraft to give herself "insider status" that would make her slandering of Wiccans sound halfway credible to a few morons in the viewing audience. And to give herself more street cred.

Let me explain. By making an issue of her alleged adolescent interest in some form of Satanism or whatever the hell she was babbling about, we've actually done Christine a favour, because fundamentalist Christians loooooove stories about "witches who switched" and Satanists who came over from the dark side to join the choir. This witchcraft thing only boosts O'Donnell's standing in her faith community....and that was her intention all along. You fell right in line with her plans. Way to go.

I would also like to point out that on a 1998 Politically Incorrect, O'Donnell made a statement that is much, much worse than her inane bloody Satanic altar comment. She was having a debate with Eddie Izzard about lying, insisting that it is not OK to lie under any circumstances. Izzard asked her what she would do if she was hiding Anne Frank in the attic.
After saying something about God providing her a magical way out of the situation, O'Donnell replied that she would not lie.

Christine O'Donnell would hand a teenage girl over to Nazi thugs, to die in a camp, rather than say, "No, there's no one upstairs." She'll lie about her education and maybe about her spending, but she definitely will not lie to save a life. There you go. Cast your vote for her, morons.


The Zombieslayer said...

The vast majority of people into witchcraft are harmless and looking for a spiritual alternative that for some reason or another, they didn't find in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any of those other established religions. More power to them.

Yes, it was a planned PR move and it worked. You saw through it. Most people won't.

The Zombieslayer said...

Speaking of lying, I used to lie all the time. Mom would ask if she looked fat in the dress she was wearing and I'd tell her "no." Yes, I lied to my mother. I'm a horrible person.

If I didn't lie, we'd never leave the house and be even later than we already were.

S.M. Elliott said...

Did you ever see The Invention of Lying? Lying was never invented, so there are no novels, no theatre and no movies (just people reading from nonfiction in front of a camera), and on dates people say things like, "I'm not going to sleep with you because you're short and fat and I wouldn't want my children to look like you." We'd all be jerks if we didn't lie.

離婚 said...

Wow! I love the new look of your page.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lying is crucial, it's the basis of civilization. The Invention of Lying may have been a comedy but the premise carried a lot of truth.

S.M. Elliott said...

Now that O'Donnell's in the political ring, she prob'ly gets that. ;D