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Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference: Day One

"9/11, Canada, and the New World Order: Reclaiming Our Destiny" (June 22-24)

This was Canada's second 9/11 Truth conference (the first was held in Toronto), out of 23 conferences held around the world since 2003. The brochure described it as "an international conference to expose the realities, myths, omissions, and distortions of the official narrative of the events of September 11, 2001, and present evidence which contradicts wht the public has been told about that fateful day, and evidence that has been ignored. Presenters will detail the numerous reasons why a new, full, and impartial investigation into 9/11 is required...[the conference] will focus not only on what occurred on September 11th, but will aslso look critically at what has been done, and is being done today, by our governments (both abroad and domesitcally) with 9/11 as the justification, and will question the legitimacy of the War on Terror."

Let me preface this by explaining I am not a 9/11 "Truther". Richard is. I wanted to attend this conference not only to support him, but to learn more about the movement and its goals. It took place in the Maritime Labour Center just off Hastings - not exactly a scenic area, but at least the "nicer" part of Hastings: Lots of fruit markets, some half-decent chain hotels, a few Starbucks. There was ample parking. The center itself was clean and well-maintained. The main room seats about 500 and is dominated by a vintage fishing mural.

The emcee for the event was Kevin Barrett, a Wisconsin assistant lecturer who stirred up controversy last year by incorporating 9/11 material into his course on Islam at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 9/11 Truth is, I'm sure, an emotional investment for him: He converted to Islam for his wife. Barrett's 20-minute introductory talk was a crash course in 9/11 Truth entitled How Do I Know 9/11 Was an Inside Job?.

This is Barrett's best evidence:

  • Larry Silverstein (leaseholder of the World Trade Center) made a multi-billion dollar profit from insurance, and accidentally-on-purpose admitted to PBS that he gave the order to "pull" (demolish) Building 7. This is frequently cited by Truthers.

  • A BBC reporter announced the collapse of Building 7 about 20 minutes before it happened (the building was still clearly visible behind her).

  • The U.S. has a long history of using false flag operations to trigger wars (including the Spanish-American War, WWI, and WWII). So do other countries.

  • 9/11 did not benefit Muslims nor the "guys in caves" (Al Qaeda).

  • A Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon.

  • Cel phone calls could not have been made from United Flight 93.

  • There was a drug bust at the Florida "drug-import" airstrip where Mohomed Atta trained. The hijackers partied with CIA money and CIA cocaine, trained at Army installations, and generally didn't behave anything like fanatical (or even devout) Muslims.

The next speaker was Ian Woods, editor of the 9/11 Truth magazine Global Outlook.
An impromptu poll showed that the audience consisted mostly of Truthers, with roughly 30 of us just seeking more information. According to a poll at 9/11 Blogger, there was a big spike in 9/11 activism in 2006. The movement is growing rapidly.

Woods said we're heading for a bleak future, along the lines of 1984 or Rollerball (in which 7 corporations rule the world). I can't really comment on that. I haven't seen Rollerball.

According to Woods, Canada is in "lockstep" with U.S. policy, but we can stop this madness, beginning with 9/11. "9/11 Truth is the path to peace." (several speakers repeated this sentiment) It is the "neocons' Achilles' Heel". The lie must be uncovered within the next 16-18 months, before Bush leaves office, or it will become almost impossible to "reopen a new investigation" (that phrase doesn't make any sense, but never mind). Why does Woods think it's possible to stop this madness? "Pattern recognition": Recognizing that other grassroots movements have been successful against seemingly insurmountable odds. Examples:

  • Cloyoquot Sound (300 protestors prevented clearcutting)

  • Bill C-36 was defeated after public opposition

  • The MAI/Corporate Rule Treaty was scuttled due to protest.

Woods recommeneded the documentary A Force More Powerful, which covers successful populist movements in history.

Reasons why the lie can be defeated:

  • 23 Truth conferences so far

  • experts' support

  • popular support

  • enough evidence

  • the movement is now a mainstream political reality

Woods's conclusion: There is a mainstream media cover-up of the movement, because Davi Germbag is the media and the media is tied to the military-industrial complex. The solution is to become the media.

The third speaker was Dr. Joe Hawkins, a thirtysomething chiropracter from Winnipeg who started one of the most popular Canadian Truth websites, He wanted to speak about the psychospiritual aspects of 9/11 Truth, but had no prepared speech. So he gave a sort of personal testimonial and an overview of the Canadian Truth scene, made up of what he calls "enlightened people". He started out by welcoming anyone from CSIS. He was emotional and barely coherent.
Dr. Hawkins became part of the movement in 2003, after viewing In Plane Sight. He is now a full-time Truther, having shut down his practice. Somehow, the natural health movement prepared him for his current work. He talked of heroes like John O'Neill ("It's a bad novel, but it's real"), courage, "something higher." He considers himself not a Canadian national, but a "free spirit on the face of the earth." It's his opinion that a New World Order is imminent, if not here already, and that "the nation of Canada will "soon be no more" because "dark forces" are committing genocide, and how are we to explain this to the next generation?
He gave lists of Canadian Truth experts, websites, books, organizations, and radio programs. He mentioned the firing of John Gleason of the Winnipeg Sun. He referred to Truthers as "the white rose of WWII...that's what you are; look it up." Then he says a friend in Winnipeg wants to stage a citizens' arest of 300 MLAs. "We are living in a fascist dictatorship," he concluded. Applause.

Barrett referred to this "speech" as "wonderfully heartfelt". I wondered about Hawkins's mental stability. Who comes to a conference without a prepared speech? The talk he gave was disjointed and largely meaningless, with many gaps, pauses, and abrupt jumps.

Friday's keynote speaker was Webster Tarpley (pictured), a historian who used to be involved with the Lyndon LaRouche org, and co-author of The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush [Sr.]. I actually read excerpts of this a few years ago. Tarpley looks and sounds somewhat like Mr. Lebowski, but has a killer vocab and a wicked sense of humor: An exceptional speaker.

His three main points:
Military drills enabled the events of 9/11. They were, in fact, used as covers for the events. When a simulated hijackings occurred simultaneously with actual hijackings that morning, air traffic controllers had extreme difficulty sorting real-world events from exercises. An unprecedented number of drills - at least 25 - were occurring on 9/11.
2. War on Iran could lead to nuclear war.
3. Vladimir Putin has shown willingness to go to war with the U.S., though he is striving to avert WWIII, and reconciliation with Russia should be sought. Tarpley quoted extensively from Putin's February '07 speech in Munich, believing him to be the "most intelligent head of state." That may be so, but he's also evil. I mean, if you want to talk about false flag ops (as all the speakers did), let's start with the Moscow apartment bombings - blamed on the Chechens, but possibly committed by members of the FSB (the successor of the KGB).

Other points:

  • Acceptance of the 9/11 LIHOP hypothesis (the government Let It Happen On Purpose) is really just acceptance of the offical story, since it presupposes the existence of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda does not exist - or rather it does, but was created by the U.S. government during the Cold War. Atta and all the other hijackers were patsies. "Shoe bomber" Richard Reed was a homeless man found sleeping in a mosque and put to good use. The Miami Haitians who supposedly wanted to blow up the Sears tower were all mentally impaired people. Chechens are also puppets of the ruling class.

  • Foresees a second coming of the British empire.

  • Fascism only appears to be a top-down phenomenon. It is really a mass movement, or the appearance of one, relying on public support. So the formation of militias is not a good sign. They're much like the German Friekorps that paved the way for the Nazis.

  • In the U.S. and Canada, state/province seccession would be pointless. "Blackwater would just come in and decimate you."

  • On U.S. "Mexophobia": Extreme groups like Atzlan are actually sponsored by the FBI to make inflammatory statements and rile up the public. Illegal immigrants are being scapegoated for economic problems like outscouring, the collapse of the auto industry, depreciation of the dollar, extreme poverty, and IMF debt. Anti-immigration measures will not erase these problems.

  • Party realignment occurs every 30-40 years in the U.S., and is now imminent. Will it go to the side of the progressives, or the fascists? There was applause at his mention of Ron Paul, but Tarpley pointed out that Ron Paul "hasn't said a single reasonable thing about 9/11" and would abolish Social Security if elected. (There are cries of "Abolish the Federal Reserve!") 9/11 Truth could heavily influence this. Obama is "an unprincipled eel."
    Canada is in a bad position because of NATO membership. NATO intelligence assassinated Aldo Moro (the Red Brigades being a front for NATO). NORAD isn't good, either. It's full of "moles".

  • Democrats and Republicans are war-mongering. Bipartisian politics is not the road to world peace.

  • The real goal of the Afghanistan/Iraq invasions are to conquer the Middle East and carve it up into manageable sections that will be completely controlled by the U.S. and Britain. Example: Bernard Lewis, head of the British Arab Bureau, presented a Mideast plan that has Iran divided into six portions. The overall policy is "destruction of entire nations".

  • Iran would have advantages in attack. It is a logistical nightmare. But the only question about a U.S. attack is when?

  • The U.S. supply line in Iraq could be cut as soon as British troops exit, resulting in "encirclement and decimation" of remaining ground troops. This is what happened to the Nazis in Russia.

  • Bzrezinksi (one of the most frequently mentioned baddies at this conference) is a "petty Polish aristocrat" bent on conquering Russia via the Middle East. He has hinted that a future terrorist attack could be blamed on Iran as justification for war.

  • Churchill and Stimson, et. al., were responsible for allowing Pearl Harbor to happen (to gain popular support for U.S. entry into WWII). I happen to share this view. I also believe Churchill compromised the Lusitania to draw the U.S. into WWI. At this point an attractive, smiling, middle-aged lady who turns out to be depleted uranium activist Loren Morei booms, "Skull and Bones!" (Stimson was a member)

  • The neocon fascists must be stopped, but the other faction of the ruling class, the "Malthusian imperialists", aren't any better.

  • Amendment XXV contains an "insanity clause" that could allow Cheney to take the reigns of government.

  • Bush and Cheney are merely tools of the invisible government, particularly Bush. Evidence: Cheney was hustled to the bunker on 9/11. Bush was not. There wasn't even a fighter escort for Air Force One. But the neocons are fascist madmen that must be stopped. "To stop WWIII, remove Cheney. Quarantine the neocons." Then unite political factions, impeach Bush, restore habeas corpus, end all wars, and prosecute the 9/11 plotters. In the meantime, "monitor, expose, and shut down terror drills."

Tarpley's Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job:

  • The WTC "exploded in midair", its superstrong steel columns obviously cut with thermite.

  • A Boeing 757 did not strike the Pentagon, evidenced by the angle of the crash, the small entry hole, and the incompetence of the alleged pilot (Hani Hanjour). A drone plane or a missile caused the damage.

  • The fragments of United 93 were too scattered to have been the result of a crash. It seems to have exploded in mid-air.

  • The BBC ("an MI6 tool") reported the collapse of Building 7 before it happened.

  • The threat to Air Force One, "Angel is next", was given by someone in top levels of goverment, because "Angel" as a top-secret codeword for Air Force One.

  • Fiduciary Trust computer consultants were called to a morning meeting on the 79th floor of WTC 1 on 9/11. Six Oracle computer consultants died. Were they "liquidated" because they knew too much?

Drills were used as a cover for the events of 9/11:

  • "9/11 is not normal civilian aviation."

  • On August 31, 2001, there was a government "simulated cel phone calls" drill.

  • The "Amalgam Virgo" exercise was likely a dry run for the missile launch that hit the Pentagon.

  • There were more than 25 military/government drills on and around 9/11, the highest concentration in U.S. history. Many involved planes crashing into buildings.

  • There were lockdowns at all D.C.-area Air Forces bases prior to 9/11.

  • NEADS commander Nasypany said "someone started the hijacking [exercise] early" in genuine bewilderment when one drill was "flipped" (a real hijacking conducted).

  • Colonel Marr, a possible mole, refused to launch two fighters at the same time on the flimsy excuse that they would run out of gas at the same time.

  • Prior to 9/11, firemen at Fort Meyer, Va., were told in the course of a drill to use water (not the usual foam) if a plane happened to hit the Pentagon.

  • Global Hawk could have guided the planes to their targets, since the "insane patsies" like Atta the Kitten-Killer weren't capable of doing that.

    Tarpley also offered up a few little gems in his talk.

  • Prince Charles plotted with Gordon Brown to overthrow Blair...but his phones were tapped and the plans averted.

  • Drills are often used as covers for real activity: Operation Mongoose, the Castro assassination drill hashed out between the Mafia and CIA (as confirmed by the CIA just this week), was turned against JFK. "Nine Lives 1981" was a presidential-succession drill scheduled for the day after the attempted assassination of Reagan.


Karen said...

'Amendment XXV contains an "insanity clause" that could allow Cheney to take the reigns of government.'
This is perhaps the most frigtening thing you said. However, the next sentence:

'Bush and Cheney are merely tools of the invisible government, particularly Bush. Evidence: Cheney was hustled to the bunker on 9/11. Bush was not.'

is interesting. Considering Cheney's actions since entering the VP's office I wouldn't be completely suprised if it turned out to true. Who knows how government really works...?

Sounds like the conference was interesting. Not sure how I feel about some of the things the speakers were claiming as evidence though. If nothing else, it certainly makes people think.

Great report/post! Thanks

S.M. Elliott said...

A lot of the evidence was repeated by later speakers. Most of them insist it can't be explained away, but I think much of it can be...for instance, the Beeb reporter who said Building 7 collapsed before it did was clearly unfamiliar with the New York skyline and probably mistook "It's going to fall" for "It fell." Firemen and police were warning for hours that it could collapse, after all. And Larry Silverstein's "pull it" could easily, as he says, just have meant "pull the firefighting effort".

I would be totally unsurprised if Bush was out of the loop on most major decisions. He's a little too duuuhhh to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Cel phone calls could not have been made from United Flight 93.

Huh? You can make cell phone calls from an airplane. They just don't want you to because they want to charge you to use their stupid service, those lame phones in front of you instead of your own.

As for Bush not being hustled into a bunker, at least they understand he's worthless. ;)

The fragments of United 93 were too scattered to have been the result of a crash. It seems to have exploded in mid-air.

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it was shot down by our planes. I'm no conspiracy nut, and I don't believe 9/11 was an inside job. But I wouldn't be surprised if they had orders to shoot it down when they saw where it was heading.

The thing is, hindsight is 20/20. Who knows if our people would have taken that plane back? We might have saved lives by shooting it down, we might not have. I just know if I were the pilot and had the orders, I couldn't pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the cel phone thing. Some people insist they can't possibly work above 8000 feet, and others say they work just fine. It's not something I've ever tried myself.

As for a shoot-down...I wish. I don't think the gov had it together enough that day to shoot down a freakin' bicycle.

Anonymous said...

non military brain dead chicken hawks advising the govt , hey rubino get yourself a job you freeloading extortionist.

Anonymous said...

There is another 9/11 truth theory, that is both consistent with the economic motives evidence, and the idea of false flag, yet fundamentally divergent as an explanation of who and why. It traces the history and organization, funding, of Al-Qaeda; to a London centered Anglo-Gulf consortium, affiliated with rogue MI6 elements and the Iraqi National Congress-Chalabi.

see the video-9/11 syndicate :