Saturday, January 12, 2008

"As funny as cancer": Public TV Gets Scary

I am emphatically not on the anti-vaccine bandwagon and I have no love for HIV/AIDS denialist Dr. Leonard Horowitz, but this has got to be the creepiest damn interview I've ever seen.
Medical historian Edward Shorter of the University of Toronto is interviewing the late vaccine pioneer Dr. Maurice Hilleman for a 1987 WGBH/Blackwell Science program, The Health Century (Shorter also wrote the companion book for the series). This bit was excised from the final cut, for obvious reasons. As Dr. Hilleman soberly reveals that the polio vaccine (among other Merck vaccines) was accidentally contaminated with an active cancer-causing virus, Shorter and his crew bust out laughing.
Some of Shorter's specialties are medical ethics, mental illness and disability, and bedside manner. God help us all.

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