Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reason to Smile #16

Richard's pretty snow pictures


tweetey30 said...

They are beautiful. We got another 6 inches last night. I have to go shovel here in a bit.

tshsmom said...

At least those are HIS pictures! ;)

I LOVE the middle one!
I can't believe you like the bottom one. It's classic "dead tree photography". Doug and I will win you over yet!

SME said...

I was getting a wee bit sick of snow til the other day. Now it looks pretty again.

Mom, Richard said you gave him heck for using your pics as filler! ;D

tshsmom said...

Just a little good-natured family heckling. ;)
He did a beautiful job editing that video, even if he did steal 4 of MY pictures! heehee