Wednesday, May 07, 2008

If Everybody Wants You, Why Isn't Anybody Calling?

Those wacky Filipino prison dancers (The Solid Gold Axe Murderers, or whatever they call themselves) described their interpretation of Laura Brannigan's 1982 hit "Gloria" as a protest, meant to show their displeasure with some snarky comments made about Cardinal Ricardo Vidal.
Why do these guys give a fig about a cardinal? I mean if they're devout Catholics, how did they end up in prison, anyway? Or do they really not care about Vidal at all, but there's some scary dude off-camera bellowing "You vill dance! You vill dance and you vill LIKE IT!!"?
Why "Gloria"? Why does the announcer say it's "aptly titled"? I thought it was about Gloria Swanson's character in Sunset Boulevard.
Does this make the figure skating scene in Flashdance a protest, too? If so, against what, exactly?
Please help me out, here. I am so confused.

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