Saturday, July 12, 2008

Richard left a string of messages on our halllway floor in chalk while I was at the library today.

Well, Demi's visit is over. *sniff* It's always so danged quiet and dull when she leaves. Last night we watched a couple episodes of Twin Peaks together and she spent the whole two hours trying to guess the killer. "Is it him? Him? Her? It's not a lady? What about the log lady? The log? Is it him? Oh, it has to be the curtain rod lady. No? How about the guy behind the tree? Is it that guy?" (no, she never did guess correctly - thankfully she would never suspect a dad, of all people).

I spent most of yesterday at the Provincial Archives looking for some information related to the Charles Camsell hospital issue. I actually find it satisfying to sit in front of microfilm reels and pore over old records for hours, and the Archives are such a quietly fascinating place - full of niggling details, secrets, the detritus of countless generations, happy facts for amateur geneologists, and god-knows-what-else. It makes me a little sad to think that in this age of electronic communication, very few of our minor documents will be preserved - the letters and testimonies and negotiations that make up so much of our lives won't be around in 100 years for some dauntless researcher to find. I'm glad that I've saved a lot of those little bits of my life: Doodles, playbills, ticket stubs, news clippings. Sure, they won't be of any real value, but they're like a papery ghost to leave behind me. "I was here. I have the 7th-grade study hall notes to prove it."

I had that beautiful *CHA-CHING* moment when you find exactly what you're looking for, too. Nothing beats that.
This evening I'm just gonna relax, try to get used to the quiet, maybe check out the street performers' festival again later when it's not so freakin' hot. I also have two good (?) documentaries to watch: Tony Kaye's Lake of Fire and A (about Aum Shinrikyo).

Here are a few more pics...

"No pictures."

Cool sky last night (with a bit of window-reflection, unfortunately)

Bunny cuddlin' (*gag*, right?)

Richard being arty with the camera or Demi playing with it. I'm not sure.


tshsmom said...

Your AC must be working well if you're wearing a sweater.

I found some "different" pictures on our camera after Demi left too. She likes to take pictures from some weird angles. ;)

SME said...

The AC's been working like a charm - we don't have to leave it on high or for very long before I start to feel TOO cool.

I didn't find any other funky photos on the camera this time, so I suspect the swoopy-light pictures were Richard's. Demi's pictures tend to be way weirder. ;D

tshsmom said...

...and she never takes just ONE. ;)

tweetey30 said...

That must be so hard to let her go like that when you only have her for a month or so. You get used to the extra person being there and then they are gone. Its like when my parents come to visit. Its eerily quiet after they leave for a day or so.

SME said...

It's always tough seeing her go. We miss before she's even gone.

Zombieslayer said...

I'd love to go back and see the old episodes of Twin Peaks. As you know, I'm a big fan of Lynch but I started getting into him later on (with Mulholland Drive).

The show I'm watching now on DVD is Firefly. 'Tis quite good.

SME said...

I'm kind of interested in Firefly. I've seen clips that look decent, and some folks rave about it.

If you ever buy Twin Peaks, go for the big commemorative has the pilot. I got ripped off by buying the seasons seperately before it came out.