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The Devil and Anna Nicole

Immediately after her death in Febuary 2007, a note from Bob Larson, posted on his website, told us how/why Anna Nicole Smith was cursed and how we can avoid her fate by buying stuff created by (you guessed it) Bob Larson.

"Dear Friend,
Don’t let you and your family, and those you care about, suffer needlessly because Satan has the right to inflict pain and suffering through generational curses.
Remove the legal right of Satan to your life. Let me teach you the right kind of prayers and renunciations that will once and for all break Satan’s hold on you and your family.
The death of the buxom blonde Anna Nicole Smith was no shock. Frankly, I’m surprised she lived as long as she did. She died because of her self-destructive behavior, but there’s more to it than that.
The media has incessantly talked about her untimely death. Anna was a former Playboy Playmate of the year and, at age 26, married an 89-year-old billionaire. She starred in her own racy reality show, modeled for Guess? Jeans, and then touted a weight-loss program.
On February 8, she was found dead in her hotel room in Florida. We don’t know the full report on her autopsy yet, but her family, and all those around her, are convinced that drugs played a role in her tragic death. The real issue isn’t what killed her, but why she died so young while surrounded by money, fame and the attention of millions.
The autopsy will only tell what physically killed her, not the spiritual reason behind her death. Anna Nicole was set up by Satan. Generational and family curses were hanging over her head from the day she was born. These curses grew stronger the longer she lived.
How can I so positively say I know what killed her? After three decades of confronting the forces of darkness and performing more exorcisms than anyone on the planet, I have learned valuable lessons about the destructive way that demons operate through curses. Let me explain how Ms. Smith’s life was under a curse.
Although her life seemed to be rich and glamorous, it was not always like that. She hungered for attention. In one interview she said, "I love the paparazzi . . . I've always liked attention. I didn't get it very much growing up and I always wanted to be, you know, noticed." Why didn’t she get attention growing up? It probably had to do with the fact that her father abandoned her at a very young age. In a 2004 People magazine interview she said, “I don’t have any good memories from Christmas when I was a girl.” Her mother raised Anna (known then as Vicki Lynn Hogan) as a single parent. This curse of abandonment literally turned her over to the devil. If her mother had known what to do, she could have broken the curse. Anna’s life indicates that her mother did not break that curse.
On my DVD HOW TO BREAK GENERATIONAL CURSES I explain in detail how Satan continues his evil through the family bloodline, generation to generation. You must see this DVD to prevent Satan’s attacks on your children and grandchildren. You may not live a wild and immoral life like Ms. Smith, but you may still be cursed by your ancestors.
When she was a child, Ms. Smith declared she wanted to grow up to be like Marilyn Monroe. Well, she succeeded, down to the circumstances of her death. By wanting to be like Marilyn Monroe, Ms. Smith spoke a curse over her life and the devil used it to his evil advantage. Those who have seen our DVD HOW TO BREAK GENERATIONAL CURSES understand how unnecessary this tragedy was. The curse could have been broken. Also, notice that Anna’s 20-year-old son died just months before her, likely from the same cause—drugs and a destructive lifestyle. Nicole was born with a curse, so was her son, and so was her new baby daughter that lawyers and ex-lovers are fighting over.
Family curses can be broken! Generational curses can be stopped!
In addition to the DVD HOW TO BREAK GENERATIONAL CURSES I have especially prepared a message using the death of Ms. Smith to explain exactly how curses work. It’s called, THE CURSE OF ANNA NICOLE SMITH.
For your gift of $50 or more, I’ll send both DVDs, plus one of the most important documents you’ll ever hold in your hands: THE LAWSUIT AGAINST SATAN. This spiritually legal transaction will teach you how to legally confront the devil and file a lawsuit against him in the courts of heaven. Thousands have done this and have begun a journey to health, prosperity, and blessings they had never known.
Just print out the form below, or email me immediately to get:
We leave for Africa in a couple of months and we need to start right now raising the $50,000 missions budget for this outreach. Your gift of $5000, $500, $150, or at least $50 or more will bring thousands to Christ and plant healing & deliverance teams across the continent.
Call, write, or email me today with your gift of $50 or more and get on the way to breaking every curse of the devil over you and your family.

Doing What Jesus Did,
Pastor Bob Larson

P. S. Make sure to sign up for our April 18-20 DWJD Training Institute on the subject “Last Days Deliverance - confronting the demons of pop culture.”

Soon after Larson offered his handy DIY curse-removal kit for sale ("like Jesus did"), the host of the Austin, Texas anti-occult cable access TV show The Freeman Perspective offered up the theory that infant Dannielynn is a Moonchild summoned by Anna Nicole's Satanic Illuminati mind-control handlers. I won't comment on Larson's motives - I think we can all guess what they are - but it seems that "Freeman" believed every word he said. According to him, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s eccentric husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, really is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn, as he insisted (DNA testing revealed Larry Birkhead to be the father, but never mind that; facts must never get in the way of a good conspiracy theory). Von Anhalt was the result of Nazi experiments in breeding perfect Aryan specimens who could take over the world (clearly unsuccessful). Anna Nicole was a mind-controlled slave programmed through Satanic ritual abuse to have multiple personalities (he points to the infamous Mushroom Clown video as evidence that she had a little-girl alter personality). Lawyer/partner Howard Stern was her primary mind control handler. And Dannielynn is a Moonchild.

The Nazi breeding part of Freeman's theory is drawn from a rumour that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the biological daughter of Adolf Hitler. This shouldn’t even be considered a possibility, as Merkel was born 9 years after the Fuhrer's death, but the explanation is that the horrifically sadistic Auschwitz doctor Carl Clauberg was able to freeze some of Hitler’s sperm and inseminate Eva Braun’s younger sister, Gretl, with it years later. The rumour has it that Clauberg was “the father of artificial insemination”, but in actuality his Auschwitz experiments centered around forced sterilization of Jewish women. Robert Jay Lifton, in his 1986 book The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide , noted “Clauberg is reported to have told prisoners he planned artificial-insemination experiments, and there is one report of his admitting to two assistants that he had future plans for experiments in both natural and artificial insemination.” (272) There are no reports that Clauberg actually achieved any success with insemination; he is by no means the father of the procedure, which is derived from much older methods of animal husbandry.

Gretl Braun did have a daughter, Eva Barbara Fegelein, named after her Aunt Eva, but she was born on May 5, 1945, and committed suicide in 1975 - during the same period Merkel was studying physics at the University of Leipzig. Clearly, the Merkel-Hitler rumour is a fantasy aimed at defaming a controversial and much-maligned public figure: G8 member, first female chancellor of German, proponent of EU expansion. She’s ideal fodder for anti-Illuminati conspiracy theories.

The Moonchild was a concept introduced in Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law. It was described as something like an AntiChrist and/or an incarnate god, a child "resembling man, and possessing those qualities of man which distinguish him from beasts, namely intellect and power of speech, but neither begotten in the manner of human generation, nor inhabited by a human soul." Rather than being conceived and born, the Moonchild would apparently be summoned through magick ritual.

In 1946, California rocket scientist/occultist Jack Parsons attempted to summon a Moonchild into the womb of his girlfriend following a complex set of rituals he called The Babalon Working. His assistant in this endeavor was, believe it or not, L. Ron Hubbard. The intended vessel/mother of the Moonchild, Marjorie Cameron, never manifested any signs of pregnancy, but to the end of her life she believed that she really was the incarnation of Thelema's Mother of Abominations, the Scarlet Woman of The Book of the Law. The “birth” of the Moonchild was a metaphysical event, taking place on the ethereal plane. After Parsons' untimely death, Marjorie Cameron performed a ritual to conceive a posthumous child with him a la Osiris and Isis, whom she christened Wormwood. This "child", too, manifested only on the ethereal plane.

Freeman's theory is, essentially, that genetically engineered Nazi Satanists are trying to take over the world by impregnating their mind-controlled robotic priestesses with antichrist Moonchildren.
Crowley’s Book of the Law described the Moonchild as "mightier than all the kings of the earth".

So, if you can imagine that the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith will someday rise up to rule over us all, this may be the conspiracy theory for you.


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