Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am SME's a**hole stomach

My stomach has been a complete jerk for the past week and a half. It won't accept any dairy, it flat-out rejects sugar, and it despises my multigrain bread. Coffee? Forget about it. So it's been an *exciting* week of simple carbs, almonds, oranges, and fennel tea. I hate fennel.

You know what, stomach? I'm having half a cup of coffee with creamer. Deal with it.


Vest said...

Today we are having a curried chicken and mushroom casserole, other ingredients chopped onion, carrot. turnip bacon and celery, Chic/oxo with Gravy powder added in the last five mins, served on a bed of cooked white rice and decorated with steamed peas green beans and corn. 13 C today.

Vest said...

Today for lunch I had a slice of toast with blue vein cheese followed by a store bought bun with cheese and bacon pieces melted on it and to finish a large cream and jam filled bun.

This is not at all normal for me. So I will let you know of the result tomorrow.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stomach, why you gotta be like that? That's not fair.

Vest said...

VEGAN, had a tough time swallowing my comment.