Sunday, May 15, 2011

This does not make me feel better

The stomach issues have improved, but a bout of depression threatens to bring them back. I have to be extraordinarily careful about how and when and what I eat (which excludes whole grains, sugar, dairy, raw veggies, coffee, non-herbal tea, and just about everything else I normally consume).

On this beautiful Sunday, Richard is going to a Palestinian rally. I will not be attending, because while I'm sympathetic to Palestinians and disapprove of some Israeli actions against them, I am not anti-Israel. Nor am I anti-Palestine. To be at a rally for either side would be an exercise in frustration for me.

What I would like to do today is go to comic book shops and browse through anime DVDs. Does that make me a total asshole? Eschewing noble, important causes Japanese entertainment? I suppose it does.


Vest said...

So Dick is ignoring the problem of your tummy Colly-wobbles, preferring to have his head bashed in by dissident Levantian ethnic louts. Get well soon.

Vest said...

Never been to Israel technically, was on HMS Mauritius when it left Haifa Palestine 14-5-1948 during a farewell hail of small arms fire from shore. most of the berthing wires were left behind too.

Like trying to unite Ginger Tom and madam Rottweiler into holy matrimony.

Anonymous said...

Is vest still living?

Vest said...

Yes I am you cheeky sod. Raspberry to U.